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Keenan Capital, LLC's Q3 vs. Q4 2022 13F Holdings: The Winners & Losers

Ava Hoppe | 14 May, 2023

There's nothing static in the world of investments, and Keenan Capital, LLC's Q3 vs. Q4 13F holdings comparison for 2022 proves just that. The company's portfolio managers made some prudent bets, while others didn't play out as expected.

First up, Dynatrace Inc., the software intelligence company that provides application performance management, received a thumbs-up from the portfolio managers. The firm's shares stayed at 1.67 million in both quarters, with the valuation rising from $58,307,000 to $64,153,000, a solid 10% jump.

Meanwhile, Arco Platform Ltd., the Brazil-based educational software company, appeared to be the biggest winner, with a 44.6% surge in valuation between Q3 and Q4, from $44,221,000 to $63,928,000. However, this came with a substantial increase in shares held, from 4,098,358 to 4,735,445.

Unfortunately, not all of Keenan Capital's decisions bore fruit. For instance, shares in AppLovin Corp., an app development platform, endured a significant decline between Q3 and Q4. The number of shares held dipped from 2,026,600 to 1,095,937, and the valuation plummeted from $39,498,000 to $11,540,000, a 70.8% deterioration.

Similarly, GoDaddy Inc., a web hosting platform company, witnessed a dip in valuation from $63,373,000 to $50,627,000, an unsavory 20.1% slump. The number of shares held decreased from 894,084 to 676,652 between the quarters.

There were also a couple of notable surprises in the mix. Ncino Inc., the cloud-based banking software company, had no holdings in Q3, but in Q4, Keenan Capital increased its shares to 1,258,561, which translated to a valuation of $33,276,000.

Furthermore, Ping Identity Holding Corp's shares were a highlight of Q3, but it now has zero holdings. Also, a few companies such as Alphabet Inc remained consistent despite small dips.

In summary, Keenan Capital, LLC's Q3-Q4 13F holdings comparison for 2022 showed some wise moves along with some duds, as is typical in the dynamic world of investing.

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