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Telemetry Investments' Q3 vs. Q4 13F Holdings: Winners, Losers, and Trends

Ava Hoppe | 4 May, 2023

As an investor, staying on top of changes in fund holdings can provide valuable insights into market trends and emerging opportunities. Telemetry Investments' latest 13F filings reveal interesting shifts in the firm's portfolio. In this article, we'll delve into the winners, losers, and overall trends in Telemetry's Q3 vs. Q4 2022 holdings.

First up, the winners. Among Telemetry's highest gainers were Moneygram Intl Inc (MGI), a money transfer company that saw a whopping 47.9% increase in shares. The pharmaceutical company, Amryt Pharma PLC (AMYT), also saw a healthy 11.8% increase. Bioplus Acquisition Corp (BIOS) and Valuence Merger Corp I (VMCAU) were other notable winners, with 2.7% and 2.3% increases, respectively.

On the flip side, there were a handful of losers among Telemetry's Q3 vs. Q4 holdings. Eiger BioPharmaceuticals (EIGR) saw a sharp drop of 69.7% in shares, while Mind Medicine MindMed Inc (MNMD) decreased by 42.8%. Nabors Industries Ltd (NBR) and Tegna Inc (TGNA) were also among the losers, experiencing a 12.7% and 19.9% decrease in shares, respectively.

Looking at overall trends, one of the most interesting takeaways from Telemetry's filings was the significant increase in the shares of Silver Spike Acquisiton (SPKB). The special purpose acquisition company saw a small 1.7% increase in shares, but the value of those shares increased from $2.7 million to $2.8 million. This suggests that Telemetry may be placing more emphasis on SPAC investments in the future.

Another trend we noticed was the growing interest in healthcare and pharmaceuticals among Telemetry's holdings. Atyr Pharma Inc (LIFE), Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc (PRTK), and Esperion Therapeutics Inc NE (ESPR) all saw substantial increases in shares. This could be a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to invest in companies that are leading the charge in medical advancements.

Overall, Telemetry's Q3 vs. Q4 holdings provide a snapshot of the firm's current investment strategies and interests. While there were some notable losers, there were also several winners and emerging trends that investors should keep an eye on moving forward.

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