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Reported Holdings Of The
Alliance Wealth Management Group LLC


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 12, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524201) 424,775 $29,815k
Schwab Aggregate Bond ETF (SCH (808524839) 407,302 $21,587k
SPDR Inv't Grade Floating Rate (78468R200) 572,278 $17,586k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524805) 439,135 $14,092k
INVESCO EXCHNG TRADED FD TR (46138E719) 533,981 $10,119k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524102) 113,481 $8,004k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US MID-CAP ETF (808524508) 128,229 $7,321k
SPDR Nuveen Bloomberg Municipa (78468R721) 145,378 $7,289k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524706) 270,914 $7,109k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A649) 243,038 $7,089k
PIMCO ETF TR (72201R817) 64,240 $6,903k
INVESCO EXCHNG TRADED FD TR (46138E784) 235,845 $6,849k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A854) 188,878 $6,524k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US SML CAP ETF (808524607) 80,457 $5,751k
ISHARES FLT (46429B655) 96,407 $4,910k
ISHARES TR CORE S&P500 ETF (464287200) 2,055 $3,613k
S&P WRLD EX US (78463X889) 107,460 $3,180k
ISHARES TR (46434V407) 62,252 $2,907k
ISHARES TR JPMORGAN USD EMG (464288281) 25,391 $2,877k
ISHARES TR NATIONAL MUN ETF (464288414) 22,871 $2,586k
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO (46625H100) 20,904 $2,337k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A375) 59,873 $2,091k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A805) 49,062 $1,789k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A847) 47,083 $1,604k
SPDR Portfolio Emerging Market (78463X509) 43,876 $1,570k
Apple Inc (037833100) 7,393 $1,463k
ISHARES TR IBOXX HI YD ETF (464288513) 14,903 $1,299k
SPDR PORTFOLIO SMALL CAP ETF (78468R853) 41,526 $1,272k
ISHARES TR RUS 1000 GRW ETF (464287614) 7,511 $1,182k
SCHWAB U.S. LARGE-CAP GROWTH ETF (808524300) 12,937 $1,076k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US DIVIDEND EQ (808524797) 19,809 $1,051k
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (084670108) 300 $955k
AT&T INC (00206R102) 27,272 $914k
JOHNSON & JOHNSON (478160104) 5,700 $794k
ISHARES (464287242) 5,836 $726k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC T (808524862) 13,945 $706k
ISHARES TR CORE US AGGBD ET (464287226) 5,960 $664k
MERCK & CO INC (58933Y105) 7,272 $610k
ISHARES TR CORE MSCI EAFE (46432F842) 8,590 $527k
COLGATE PALMOLIVE CO (194162103) 7,301 $523k
MICROSOFT CORP (594918104) 3,776 $506k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TRUST (808524409) 8,314 $467k
Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc (191098102) 8,363 $426k
ISHARES TR RUS 1000 VAL ETF (464287598) 2,598 $331k
ISHARES TR (46434V803) 10,564 $315k
VANGUARD INTL EQUITY INDEX F (922042775) 6,171 $315k
Bank of America Corp. (060505104) 9,080 $263k
HOME DEPOT INC (437076102) 1,260 $262k Inc (023135106) 137 $259k
ISHARES TR CORE S&P SCP ETF (464287804) 2,845 $223k
RESTAURANT BRANDS INTL INC (76131D103) 35,300 $221k
Facebook Inc (30303M102) 1,125 $217k
NEXTERA ENERGY INC (65339F101) 1,044 $214k
INTL BUSINESS MCHN (459200101) 1,511 $208k
WISDOMTREE TR (97717X511) 4,050 $208k
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS (92343V104) 3,624 $207k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78468R788) 5,412 $206k

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