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Reported Holdings Of The
Baker BROS Advisors LP


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 14, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
SEATTLE GENETICS INC (812578102) 50,057,277 $3,464,464k
Incyte Corp (45337C102) 31,976,193 $2,716,697k
BEIGENE LTD-ADR (07725L102) 11,777,285 $1,459,794k
ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS INC CO (015351109) 8,258,068 $1,081,642k
ACADIA PHARMACEUTCLS (004225108) 39,292,086 $1,050,277k
B. Riley Wealth Management, Inc. (023111206) 41,544,288 $805,544k
BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC (09061G101) 7,589,294 $650,023k
GENOMIC HEALTH (37244C101) 9,260,922 $538,708k
ASCENDIS PHARMA A S (04351P101) 3,390,270 $390,390k
MIRATI THERAPEUTICS INC (60468T105) 2,513,462 $258,887k
Argenx SE Sponsored ADR (04016X101) 1,019,557 $144,349k
Array Biopharma Inc (04269X105) 2,848,567 $131,974k
MADRIGAL PHARMACEUTICALS INC (558868105) 1,169,278 $122,552k
Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (64125C109) 1,415,283 $119,492k
HERON THERAPEUTICS INC (427746102) 6,018,104 $111,877k
KODIAK SCIENCES INC (50015M109) 9,145,115 $106,998k
Invitae Corp (46185L103) 3,902,421 $91,707k
TRICIDA INC (89610F101) 1,969,905 $77,732k
SPARK THERAPEUTICS INC (84652J103) 751,927 $76,982k
Atreca, Inc. (04965G109) 3,532,760 $66,557k
GW PHARMACEUTICALS PLC ADS (36197T103) 370,845 $63,930k
INSMED INC (457669307) 2,462,216 $63,033k
Cerus Corp (157085101) 10,749,937 $60,415k
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (76243J105) 2,708,200 $59,580k
PRINCIPIA BIOPHARMA INC (74257L108) 1,787,807 $59,337k
AUDENTES THERAPEUTICS INC COM (05070R104) 1,506,438 $57,034k
ADAPTIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES COR (00650F109) 1,165,411 $56,289k
BIOCRYST PHARMACEUTICALS (09058v103) 14,382,673 $54,510k
RA PHARMACEUTICALS (74933V108) 1,801,695 $54,177k
MYOKARDIA INC (62857M105) 1,016,306 $50,958k
DBV TECHNOLOGIES SA-SPON ADR (23306J101) 5,509,560 $45,289k
KRYSTAL BIOTECH INC (501147102) 1,034,674 $41,666k
CymaBay Therapeutics, Inc. (23257D103) 5,707,411 $40,865k
NBIX 2 1/4 5/15/24 (64125CAD1) 30,770,000 $40,541k
UNIQURE N.V. (N90064101) 517,700 $40,458k
KINISKA PHARMACEUTIC (G5269C101) 2,799,577 $37,906k
ZYMEWORKS INC (98985W102) 1,708,472 $37,586k
AQUINOX PHARMACEUTICALS INC (03842B101) 10,934,154 $25,805k
AXSOME THERAPEUTICS INC (05464T104) 772,286 $19,886k
Xencor Inc. (98401F105) 428,120 $17,523k
MERUS N V (N5749R100) 1,160,014 $16,994k
BMRN 0.599 08/01/24 (09061GAH4) 15,000,000 $15,566k
ACORDA THERAPEUTICS INC COM (00484M106) 2,011,189 $15,426k
LA JOLLA PHARMACEUTICAL CO (503459604) 1,559,231 $14,423k
AIMMUNE THERAPEUTICS INC (00900T107) 673,908 $14,031k
IDERA PHARMACEUTICALS INC (45168K405) 4,605,822 $12,298k
PROTAGONIST THERAPEUTICS INC (74366E102) 995,082 $12,050k
MARKER THERAPEUTICS INC (57055L107) 1,500,000 $11,880k
AEGLEA BIOTHERAPEUTICS INC (00773J103) 1,713,604 $11,738k
Assembly Biosciences Inc (045396108) 803,246 $10,836k
SANGAMO THERAPEUTICS (800677106) 999,823 $10,768k
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc (14888U101) 2,559,461 $9,828k
Syros Pharmaceuticals Inc (87184Q107) 974,835 $9,027k
ALKERMES PLC (G01767105) 400,000 $9,016k
DERMIRA INC (24983L104) 906,943 $8,670k
ALBIREO PHARMA INC (01345P106) 250,000 $8,060k
APELLIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC (03753U106) 313,725 $7,950k
MILESTONE PHARMACEUTICALS IN (59935V107) 266,667 $7,240k
Anaptysbio Inc (032724106) 113,086 $6,380k
ABEONA THERAPEUTICS INC (00289Y107) 1,288,235 $6,158k
HOOKIPA PHARMA INC (43906K100) 892,857 $6,009k
ORCHARD THERAPEUTICS PLC (68570P101) 405,702 $5,676k
HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS INC (40637H109) 299,969 $5,153k
Bluebird Bio Inc (09609G100) 40,000 $5,088k
Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc (079481107) 2,677,818 $4,552k
MENLO THERAPEUTICS (586858102) 700,000 $4,193k
G1 THERAPEUTICS INC COM (3621LQ109) 127,236 $3,901k
NGM BIOPHARMACEUTICALS INC (62921N105) 250,000 $3,660k
VIKING THERAPEUTICS INC COM (92686J106) 425,000 $3,528k
Acceleron Pharma Inc (00434H108) 83,900 $3,447k
CRINETICS PHARMACE (22663K107) 132,985 $3,325k
GALAPAGOS NV (36315X101) 25,072 $3,233k
ACHILLION PHARMACEUTICALS (00448Q201) 1,095,359 $2,936k
Aravive Inc (03890D108) 484,947 $2,910k
Xbiotech Inc (98400H102) 380,442 $2,884k
HARPOON THERAPEUTICS INC (41358P106) 214,285 $2,786k
FORTY SEVEN INC (34983P104) 250,000 $2,650k
AUTOLUS THERAPEUTICS PLC (05280R100) 156,773 $2,524k
Y-MABS THERAPEUTICS INC (984241109) 102,800 $2,351k
CYCLERION THERAPEUTI (23255M105) 202,581 $2,320k
SPRING BK PHARMACEUTICALS IN (849431101) 613,144 $2,263k
NEXTCURE INC (65343E108) 150,000 $2,247k
CYTOMX THERAPEUTICS INC (23284F105) 194,377 $2,181k
MOLECULAR TEMPLATES INC COM (608550109) 254,230 $2,123k
Intellia Therapeutics Inc (45826J105) 128,538 $2,104k
IDEAYA BIOSCIENCES INC (45166A102) 200,000 $1,992k
CHEMOCENTRYX INC (16383L106) 207,029 $1,925k
CONSTELLATION PHARMCETICLS I (210373106) 133,333 $1,637k
GALMED PHARMACEUTICALS LTD (M47238106) 215,594 $1,585k
AILERON THERAPEUTICS INC (00887A105) 2,040,000 $1,469k
DOVA PHARMACEUTICALS INC (25985T102) 99,405 $1,402k
FOAMIX PHARMACUTICLS (M46135105) 498,189 $1,186k
SIERRA ONCOLOGY INC (82640U107) 2,000,000 $1,120k
ADAMAS PHARMACEUTICALS INC (00548A106) 172,630 $1,070k
INFINITY PHARMACEUTICALS INC (45665G303) 580,400 $1,045k
ARCUS BIOSCIENCES INC COM (03969F109) 121,534 $966k
FULGENT GENETICS INC (359664109) 125,000 $835k
Affimed NV (N01045108) 200,000 $574k
AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS INC (03843E104) 99,600 $418k
SUNESIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC (867328700) 556,665 $405k
Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (767836307) 279,999 $300k
DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORP (268158201) 75,000 $299k
Trillium Therapeutics Inc. (89620X506) 505,262 $166k

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