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Reported Holdings Of The
Highbridge Capital Management LLC


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 14, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
CONTURA ENERGY INC (21241B100) 1,353,910 $70,267k
ZIONS BANCORPORATION N A (989701115) 5,093,000 $69,137k
ISHARES TR RUSSELL 2000 ETF (464287655) 300,000 $46,651k Put
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR TR UNIT (78462F103) 150,000 $43,950k Put
ISHARES TR IBOXX HI YD ETF (464288513) 500,000 $43,590k Put
SPDR GOLD TR GOLD (78463V107) 300,000 $39,960k Put
ASSERTIO THERAPEUTICS INC (249908AA2) 53,500,000 $38,770k
IVC 4 1/2 6/1/22 (461203AH4) 47,503,000 $35,278k
INSEEGO CORP (45782BAA2) 25,466,000 $31,988k
ISHARES (464287234) 700,000 $30,037k Put
ZIONS BANCORPORATION N.A. (989701107) 650,600 $29,915k Put
PARKER DRILLING CO (701081507) 1,440,085 $29,205k
PRTK 4 3/4 5/1/24 (699374AB0) 41,325,000 $29,160k
MOSAIC ACQUISITION CORP (61946M100) 2,750,000 $28,037k
PACIFIC DRILLING SA (L7257P205) 2,142,124 $26,991k
VIASAT INC (92552V100) 323,300 $26,129k Put
RTRX 2 1/2 9/15/25 (761299AB2) 29,000,000 $26,118k
PULTE GROUP INC (745867101) 800,000 $25,296k Put
LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS HLDGS I (535219117) 3,559,942 $24,602k
BARCLAYS BANK PLC IPATH B SHRT TERM (06746P621) 875,000 $22,750k Put
NANTHEALTH INC (630104AB3) 34,250,000 $22,150k
TSLA 2.000 05/15/24 (88160RAG6) 22,500,000 $22,098k
TRINITY BIOTECH INVT LTD (89643QAB4) 26,425,000 $20,480k
DFB HEALTHCARE ACQUISTION CO (23291E109) 1,999,998 $20,250k
INTERCEPT PHARMACEUTICALS IN (45845PAB4) 20,000,000 $19,894k
SENSEONICS HLDGS INC (81727UAA3) 19,000,000 $19,404k
FINTECH ACQUISITION CORP - A (31811A101) 1,968,198 $19,387k
QUOTIENT LTD COM NPV (G73268107) 1,978,355 $18,498k
PROTALIX BIOTHERAPEUTICS INC (74365AAD3) 19,407,000 $17,927k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A870) 200,000 $17,542k Put
CARVANA CO CL A (146869102) 280,000 $17,525k Put
OPKO HEALTH INC (68375NAD5) 20,000,000 $17,469k
TPG PACE HLDGS CORP (G89827128) 1,622,601 $16,859k
PLUG POWER INC (72919PAB9) 15,000,000 $16,838k
Hostess Brands Inc Wts Exp 11/ (44109J114) 8,800,000 $16,588k
ASHLAND GLOBAL HLDGS INC (044186104) 200,000 $15,994k Put
CAPITOL INVT CORP IV (G18920101) 1,537,908 $15,711k
SOCIAL CAP HEDOSOPHIA HLDGS (G8250R103) 1,500,000 $15,638k
OASIS PETE INC NEW (674215AJ7) 17,000,000 $15,595k
WESTERN DIGITAL CORP (958102105) 325,000 $15,454k Call
INVACARE CORP (461203AF8) 17,650,000 $14,344k
ISHARES TR BARCLAYS 7 10 YR (464287440) 128,000 $14,082k Put
VEONEER INCORPORATED (92336XAA7) 13,075,000 $13,551k
ALPHABET INC (02079K305) 12,238 $13,251k
NEBULA ACQUISITION CORP COM CL (629076100) 1,309,021 $13,228k
Novavax (670002AB0) 32,118,000 $12,847k
LOUISIANA PACIFIC CORP (546347105) 473,700 $12,420k Put
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A730) 450,000 $12,263k Put
VERASTEM INC (92337CAA2) 22,625,000 $12,260k
MDC HOLDINGS (552676108) 373,400 $12,239k Put
XEROX CORP (984121608) 338,500 $11,986k Put
INFN 2 1/8 9/1/24 (45667GAC7) 17,000,000 $11,550k
DBX ETF TR (233051879) 400,000 $11,264k Call
AVAYA HLDGS CORP COM (05351X101) 881,824 $10,503k
ACAMAR PARTNERS ACQSITION CO (004285201) 1,017,132 $10,167k
GEO GROUP INC (36162J106) 481,200 $10,110k Put
TELIGENT INC/NJ (87960WAA2) 18,000,000 $9,630k
CENTRAL GARDEN & PET CO (153527205) 348,234 $8,581k
LEO HOLDINGS CORP (G5463L105) 815,000 $8,362k
Tesla Inc (88160R101) 36,617 $8,182k
THUNDER BRIDGE ACQUISITION L (G8857R100) 694,882 $7,244k
ACCELERATE DIAGNOSTICS INC (00430HAB8) 7,650,000 $6,469k
CONCRETE PUMPING HOLDINGS IN (206704108) 1,214,400 $6,218k
CARDINAL HEALTH INC (14149Y108) 130,000 $6,123k Put
Carnival PLC (14365C103) 131,500 $5,953k
IAC INTERACTIVECORP (44919P508) 27,259 $5,930k
ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTD (01609W102) 33,000 $5,592k Call
ZILLOW GROUP INC CL A (98954M101) 115,969 $5,307k
GLOBAL BLOOD THERAPEUTICS IN (37890U108) 80,000 $4,208k
TRANSLATE BIO INC (89374L104) 306,230 $3,867k
CLARIVATE ANALYTICS PLC (G21810117) 800,000 $3,792k
WESTLAKE CHEM CORP (960413102) 50,000 $3,473k Call
CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORP (165167CY1) 4,000,000 $3,193k
GREEN PLAINS INC (393222104) 294,347 $3,173k
LENNAR CORP (526057302) 81,067 $3,122k
MKS INSTRUMENT INC (55306n104) 40,000 $3,116k
SINA CORPORATION (G81477104) 70,000 $3,019k Call
Albemarle Corp (012653101) 40,000 $2,816k Call
Marathon Petroleum Corp (56585A102) 50,000 $2,794k Call
INTELSAT GLOBAL HOLDINGS SA (L5140P101) 140,800 $2,739k
RANPAK HLDGS CORP (75321W103) 287,505 $2,544k
KT Corp (48268K101) 196,200 $2,427k
Baidu Inc (056752108) 20,000 $2,348k Call
TARGET HOSPITALITY CORP (87615L115) 1,190,944 $2,269k
SANOFI (80105N113) 3,828,784 $2,000k
SENTINEL ENERGY SVCS INC (81728P113) 2,996,000 $1,917k
EMERSON ELEC CO (291011104) 27,500 $1,835k Put
RANPAK HLDGS CORP (75321W111) 1,355,000 $1,701k
SPRINT CORPORATION (85207U105) 250,000 $1,643k Put
SOCIAL CAP HEDOSOPHIA HLDGS (G8250R129) 1,207,100 $1,599k
LIBERTY LATIN AMERIC (G9001E128) 91,100 $1,566k
FINTECH ACQUISITION CORP -24 (31811A119) 989,865 $1,411k
OPKO HEALTH INC (68375N103) 473,198 $1,155k
BIOHAVEN PHARMACTL HLDG CO L (G11196105) 25,000 $1,095k
UNISYS CORP (909214306) 107,623 $1,046k
NII HLDGS INC COM PAR $0.001 (62913F508) 600,000 $1,014k
Teladoc Health Inc (87918A105) 14,500 $963k
SAEXPLORATION HOLDINGS INC (78636X873) 267,171 $962k
MOSAIC ACQUISITION CORP (61946M118) 950,000 $926k
KLA-TENCOR CORP (482480100) 7,800 $922k
SPARTAN ENERGY ACQUISITON CO (846784122) 998,600 $849k
TPG PACE HLDGS CORP (G89827110) 490,100 $821k
GRAF INDUSTRIAL CORP-CW25 (384278115) 2,000,000 $750k
RMG ACQUISITION CORP (749641114) 792,300 $741k
O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE (67103H107) 2,000 $739k
TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE (874054109) 6,300 $715k
Intrexon Corp (46122T102) 89,000 $682k Put
ISHARES TR 20 YR TR BD ETF (464287432) 5,000 $664k
GS ACQUISITION HLDGS CORP (36255F110) 509,670 $650k
ACT II GLOBAL ACQUISITI-CW24 (G0080J120) 889,984 $592k
CAPITOL INVT CORP IV (G18920127) 429,800 $585k
FAR POINT ACQUISITION -CW25 (30734W117) 449,231 $573k
TORTOISE ACQUISITION CORP (89154L118) 875,000 $570k
GORES HOLDINGS III INC-CW23 (38286G117) 393,400 $561k
UNITED MICROELECTRONICS CORP (910873405) 247,998 $548k
COLLIER CREEK HOLDINGS (G22707114) 400,000 $528k
NEW FRONTIER CORP (G6485P124) 800,000 $520k
Square Inc (852234103) 7,000 $508k
AK STEEL HOLDING CORP (001547108) 213,500 $506k Call
TRINE ACQUISITION CORP (89628U116) 681,173 $501k
FORUM MERGER II CORP (34986F111) 748,499 $475k
CF FIN ACQUISITION CORP (12528N115) 789,858 $454k
NEBULA ACQUISITION CORP WT EXP (629076118) 433,333 $444k
VECTOIQ ACQUISITION CORP (92243N111) 893,540 $424k
REPLAY ACQUISITION CORP (G75130115) 620,326 $422k
AMCI ACQUISITION CORP WT EXP 0 (00165R119) 1,279,564 $409k
WISDOMTREE TR (97717W422) 14,400 $375k Put
DIAMONDPEAK HLDGS COR (25280H118) 481,500 $374k
COGNIZANT TECH SOLNS (192446102) 5,600 $355k
Intercontinental Exchange Inc (45866F104) 4,000 $343k
AABA (021346101) 4,900 $340k
NANTHEALTH INC (630104107) 628,972 $331k
WPX ENERGY INC (98212B103) 28,300 $326k
GORES METROPOULOS INC (382872117) 250,000 $320k
LF CAP ACQUISITION CORP WT EXP (50200K116) 1,000,000 $315k
IPG PHOTONICS CORP COM (44980X109) 1,804 $279k
ABEONA THERAPEUTICS INC (00289Y115) 250,000 $255k
MONOCLE ACQUISITION CORP WT EX (609754114) 727,200 $247k
LEO HOLDINGS CORP (G5463L113) 195,443 $241k
CRESCENT ACQUISITION CO-CW24 (22564L113) 500,000 $228k
Ensco Rowan plc (G3166L100) 25,000 $213k Put
Dean Foods Company (242370203) 226,700 $210k Put
MEGALITH FINL ACQUISITION CO (58518F117) 600,000 $177k
TRINITY MERGER CORP (89653L114) 525,000 $168k
iStar, Inc. (45031U101) 10,700 $133k Put
ALTA MESA RES INC CL A (02133L109) 800,000 $117k
ESTRE AMBIENTAL INC (G3206V118) 3,625,000 $110k
AGROFRESH SOLUTIONS (00856G117) 3,425,000 $52k
DOLPHIN ENTMT INC (25686H118) 110,000 $6k
AEMETIS INC (00770K202) 70,768 $0k

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