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Reported Holdings Of The
HOOD River Capital Management LLC


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 13, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
Sage Therapeutics Inc (78667J108) 363,432 $66,541k
ELDORADO RESORTS INC COM (28470R102) 1,315,428 $60,602k
FirstCash Inc (33767D105) 577,256 $57,737k
CHART INDUSTRIES INC COM USD0.01 (16115Q308) 686,871 $52,807k
HARSCO CORP (415864107) 1,848,800 $50,731k
CHARLES RIV LABS INT (159864107) 355,791 $50,487k
KINSALE CAP GROUP INC (49714P108) 545,140 $49,869k
B. Riley Wealth Management, Inc. (023111206) 2,378,848 $46,126k
MasTec (576323109) 864,920 $44,569k
COSTAR GROUP INC (22160N109) 77,783 $43,096k
GLOBANT SA USD1.20 (L44385109) 424,163 $42,862k
EURONET WORLDWIDE INC (298736109) 242,058 $40,724k
MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS INC (589889104) 657,123 $39,138k
CONMED CORP COM (207410101) 448,126 $38,346k
Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (38526M106) 324,424 $37,964k
TABULA RASA HEALTHCARE INC (873379101) 737,392 $36,818k
CHEGG INC COM USD0.001 (163092109) 934,219 $36,052k
LHC GROUP INC COM (50187A107) 301,013 $35,995k
Kratos Defense & Security Solu (50077B207) 1,548,114 $35,436k
SELECT MED HLDGS CORP (81619Q105) 2,210,396 $35,079k
Teladoc Health Inc (87918A105) 516,811 $34,321k
RAPID7 INC (753422104) 592,315 $34,259k
INTEGRA LIFESCIENCES HLDGS (457985208) 602,226 $33,634k
MEDIFAST INC (58470H101) 245,714 $31,525k
TPI Composites Inc. (87266J104) 1,208,084 $29,864k
WNS (Holdings) Limited (92932M101) 470,237 $27,838k
INNOVATIVE INDL PPTYS INC (45781V101) 222,980 $27,551k
HEXCEL CORP (428291108) 334,304 $27,039k
EHEALTH INC COM (28238P109) 313,791 $27,017k
LAUREATE EDUCATION INC (518613203) 1,696,341 $26,650k
DYCOM INDUSTRIES INC (267475101) 450,170 $26,502k
Zumiez Inc. (989817101) 962,292 $25,116k
LUMENTUM HLDGS INC (55024U109) 456,754 $24,395k
MACROGENICS INC (556099109) 1,415,445 $24,020k
DIGIMARC CORP NEW (25381B101) 530,031 $23,528k
ORTHOFIX MED INC COM (68752M108) 429,548 $22,714k
STONERIDGE INC (86183P102) 709,030 $22,370k
RENT A CTR INC NEW (76009N100) 832,096 $22,159k
MAGNACHIP SEMICONDUCTOR CORP (55933J203) 2,101,583 $21,751k
SUNRUN INC COM (86771W105) 1,154,800 $21,664k
WRIGHT MEDICAL GROUP NV (NE) (N96617118) 699,690 $20,865k
MILLER HERMAN INC (600544100) 465,059 $20,788k
PAYLOCITY HLDG CORP (70438V106) 218,724 $20,521k
Encore Wire Corp (292562105) 344,624 $20,188k
INPHI CORP (45772F107) 399,097 $19,995k
PROS HOLDINGS INC (74346Y103) 311,685 $19,717k
COHERENT INC (192479103) 144,161 $19,659k
BANDWIDTH INC COM CL A (05988J103) 251,811 $18,891k
LOVESAC COMPANY COM (54738L109) 607,359 $18,871k
ExlService (302081104) 281,497 $18,615k
HEALTHEQUITY INC COM (42226A107) 280,148 $18,322k
TANDEM DIABETES CARE (875372203) 283,475 $18,290k
Asgn Inc (00191U102) 301,443 $18,267k
ACI WORLDWIDE INC (004498101) 517,634 $17,776k
K12 INC (48273U102) 584,368 $17,771k
VIAVI SOLUTIONS INC COM (925550105) 1,304,786 $17,341k
COHERUS BIOSCIENCES INC (19249H103) 766,811 $16,947k
FIVE9 INC (338307101) 329,330 $16,891k
WESTERN ALLIANCE BANCORP (957638109) 355,435 $15,895k
BioTelemetry (BEAT) (090672106) 322,398 $15,523k
STRATEGIC EDUCATION INC (86272C103) 87,149 $15,513k
CLEAN HARBORS INC (184496107) 216,845 $15,418k
Carbonite (141337105) 581,451 $15,141k
NICE LTD (653656108) 108,964 $14,928k
LIMELIGHT NETWORKS INC (53261M104) 5,283,118 $14,264k
GLU MOBILE INC (379890106) 1,860,864 $13,361k
ATRICURE INC (04963C209) 407,555 $12,161k
ACACIA COMMUNICATIONS INC COM (00401C108) 251,173 $11,845k
Everi Holdings Inc (30034T103) 988,354 $11,791k
TriState Capital Holdings, Inc. (89678F100) 543,692 $11,602k
IMPINJ INC COM (453204109) 400,672 $11,467k
Upland Software Inc. (91544A109) 250,279 $11,395k
NANOMETRICS INC (630077105) 321,030 $11,143k
VICOR CORP COM (925815102) 357,861 $11,112k
CAREDX INC COM (14167L103) 306,242 $11,022k
PENN NATIONAL GAMING INC COM (707569109) 571,468 $11,006k
HANGAR INC (41043F208) 571,883 $10,952k
AGIOS PHARMACEUTICALS INC (00847X104) 218,130 $10,880k
DOMO INC (257554105) 370,990 $10,135k
MALIBU BOATS INC (56117J100) 260,019 $10,102k
Axon Enterprise Inc (05464C101) 155,551 $9,988k
TELLURIAN INC NEW (87968A104) 1,181,340 $9,274k
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc (90400D108) 131,846 $8,372k
EMCOR GROUP INC (29084Q100) 69,344 $6,109k
U S WELL SVCS INC (91274U101) 1,192,844 $5,750k
DASAN ZHONE SOLUTIONS INC (23305L206) 415,762 $5,401k
PAYSIGN INC (70451A104) 395,338 $5,286k
I3 VERTICALS INC COM CL A (46571Y107) 159,863 $4,708k
ITERIS INC (46564T107) 813,061 $4,204k
SONIM TECHNOLOGIES INC (83548F101) 309,926 $3,945k
MasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc (57637h103) 197,271 $3,865k
PERSONALIS INC (71535D106) 120,018 $3,258k
ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC (007903107) 52,081 $1,582k
MICRO FOCUS INTL PLC (594837403) 40,934 $1,072k
WELLCARE HEALTH PLANS INC (94946T106) 3,704 $1,056k
AIR CANADA (008911877) 25,000 $767k
VIVINT SOLAR INC (92854Q106) 96,000 $701k
DROPBOX (26210C104) 25,562 $640k
LEVI STRAUSS & CO NEW (52736R102) 26,139 $546k
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO (892356106) 4,902 $533k
INSULET CORP COM (45784P101) 4,255 $508k
COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR CO (198516106) 4,200 $421k
ARISTA NETWORKS INC (040413106) 1,495 $388k
LONESTAR RES US INC (54240F103) 113,697 $260k

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