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Reported Holdings Of The
Kepos Capital LP


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 13, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
ISHARES (464287242) 317,000 $39,425k
ISHARES TR IBOXX HI YD ETF (464288513) 290,900 $25,361k
CF FIN ACQUISITION CORP (12528N107) 1,501,208 $15,042k
Repay Holdings Corp (76029L100) 1,257,500 $13,116k
TUSCAN HOLDINGS CORP (90069K104) 1,160,000 $11,461k
GORES METROPOULOS INC (382872109) 750,000 $7,553k
LANDCADIA HLDGS II INC (51476X105) 729,999 $7,103k
PIVOTAL ACQUISITION CORP (72583A101) 640,000 $6,496k
EXTENDED STAY AMRC (30224P200) 300,000 $5,067k
TRINE ACQUISITION CORP (89628U108) 505,000 $4,909k
DIAMONDPEAK HLDGS COR (25280H100) 489,999 $4,780k
INVESCO EXCHNG TRADED FD TR (46138E784) 146,500 $4,254k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR TR SBI INT-UTILS (81369Y886) 68,900 $4,109k
GX ACQUISITION CORP (36251A206) 360,000 $3,618k
AMCI ACQUISITION CORP (00165R101) 332,500 $3,305k
INSURANCE ACQUISITION CORP (457867307) 300,000 $3,105k
KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGS (49338L103) 33,530 $3,011k
HCA HEALTHCARE (40412C101) 22,193 $3,000k
IDEXX LABS INC (45168D104) 10,681 $2,941k
EVERCORE INC (29977A105) 31,718 $2,809k
AMEDISYS INC (023436108) 23,091 $2,803k
CADENCE DESIGN SYS (127387108) 39,544 $2,800k
MSCI INC (55354G100) 11,609 $2,772k
ABBVIE INC (00287Y109) 38,052 $2,767k
Callaway Golf (131193104) 160,996 $2,763k
BRINKER INTL INC (109641100) 67,024 $2,637k
NEW YORK TIMES CO (650111107) 78,567 $2,563k
FACTSET RESH SYS INC (303075105) 8,764 $2,511k
Steel Dynamics Inc (858119100) 81,328 $2,456k
UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP DEL (91307C102) 28,601 $2,233k
NEXSTAR MEDIA GROUP (65336K103) 21,650 $2,187k
RINGCENTRAL INC-CLASS A (76680R206) 18,208 $2,092k
TAUBMAN CTRS INC (876664103) 49,680 $2,028k
JONES LANG LASALLE INC (48020Q107) 13,740 $1,933k
GRAFTECH INTL LTD (384313508) 166,344 $1,913k
Myriad Genetics Inc (62855J104) 68,323 $1,898k
ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC (016255101) 6,898 $1,888k
CABLE ONE INC (12685J105) 1,598 $1,871k
UBIQUITI NETWORKS INC COM USD0.001 (90347A100) 12,135 $1,596k
CRACKER BARREL OLD (22410J106) 9,243 $1,578k
GORDON POINTE ACQUISITION CO (382788107) 150,000 $1,550k
VEEVA SYS INC CL A COM (922475108) 9,421 $1,527k
OFFICE DEPOT INC (676220106) 734,504 $1,513k
TUPPERWARE BRANDS CORP (899896104) 79,382 $1,511k
FINTECH ACQUISITION CORP - A (31811A101) 140,000 $1,373k
ARISTA NETWORKS INC (040413106) 5,270 $1,368k
TANDEM DIABETES CARE (875372203) 21,113 $1,362k
HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS INC (40637H109) 75,329 $1,294k
KINDER MORGAN INC (49456B101) 59,092 $1,234k
TUSCAN HOLDINGS CORP (90069K112) 1,580,000 $1,232k
WORLD FUEL SERVICES CORP (981475106) 33,636 $1,210k
RENT A CTR INC NEW (76009N100) 44,768 $1,192k
USANA HEALTH SCIENCES INC (90328M107) 14,377 $1,142k
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc (92532F100) 6,088 $1,116k
EMERGENT BIOSOLUTNS (29089Q105) 19,363 $935k
ROKU INC (77543R102) 10,264 $930k
SCHNITZER STL (806882106) 35,325 $924k
LEGACY ACQUISITION CORP (524643111) 2,875,944 $920k
BLACK RIDGE ACQUISITION CORP (09216T123) 2,036,917 $855k
PIVOTAL ACQUISITION CORP (72583A119) 610,100 $824k
GRACO INC (384109104) 16,334 $820k
Domino's Pizza Inc (25754A201) 2,927 $815k
FOOT LOCKER INC (344849104) 18,627 $781k
CORCEPT THERAPEUTICS INC (218352102) 68,368 $762k
ROLLINS INC (775711104) 21,095 $757k
ZOETIS INC (98978V103) 6,377 $724k
BLACK RIDGE ACQUISITION CORP (09216T115) 1,719,832 $705k
LEISURE ACQUISITION CORP (52539T115) 1,226,350 $693k
CF FIN ACQUISITION CORP (12528N115) 1,121,968 $673k
TPG PACE HLDGS CORP (G89827110) 400,100 $670k
MOELIS & COMPANY (60786M105) 18,286 $639k
GS ACQUISITION HLDGS CORP (36255F201) 60,000 $630k
GORES METROPOULOS INC (382872208) 60,000 $628k
GORDON POINTE ACQUISITION COWT (382788115) 1,821,900 $619k
MUDRICK CAP ACQUISITION CORP (624745113) 1,249,700 $612k
SOCIAL CAP HEDOSOPHIA HLDGS (G8250R129) 441,783 $592k
FLOWERS FOODS INC (343498101) 25,136 $585k
LANCASTER COLONY CORP (513847103) 3,915 $582k
TWELVE SEAS INVESTMENT COMPA (G9145A131) 1,755,499 $544k
NU SKIN ENTERPRISES INC (67018T105) 10,332 $510k
ENDO INTL PLC (G30401106) 123,059 $507k
ROSETTA STONE INC (777780107) 21,332 $488k
VECTOIQ ACQUISITION CORP (92243N111) 1,020,000 $485k
REGALWOOD GLOBAL ENERGY LTD (G74760128) 521,442 $469k
PENSARE ACQUISITION CORP (70957E121) 2,600,881 $468k
FORUM MERGER II CORP (34986F111) 712,750 $452k
MODERN MEDIA ACQUISITION (60765P129) 1,544,176 $448k
GS ACQUISITION HLDGS CORP (36255F110) 354,610 $443k
QUAKER CHEM CORP COM (747316107) 2,155 $437k
MOSAIC ACQUISITION CORP (61946M118) 460,238 $437k
GIGCAPITAL INC (37518N114) 825,000 $429k
KBL MERGER CORP IV (48242A120) 1,914,300 $421k
CAPITOL INVT CORP IV (G18920127) 287,587 $400k
CAREER EDUCATION CORP (141665109) 20,770 $396k
ONCONOVA THERAPEUTICS INC (68232V405) 128,229 $365k
CHASERG TECHNLGY ACQUISITN CWT (16166A111) 475,000 $356k
GORES METROPOULOS INC (382872117) 250,000 $320k
SOCIAL CAP HEDOSOPHIA HLDGS (G8250R103) 30,000 $313k
ARROWHEAD PHARMACEUT (04280A100) 11,668 $309k
UNITI GROUP INC (91325V108) 32,494 $309k
CHASERG TECHNLGY ACQUISITN C (16166A202) 30,000 $307k
MONOCLE ACQUISITION CORP WT EX (609754114) 899,800 $306k
CONSTELLATION ALPHA CAP CORP (G2379F132) 1,550,500 $279k
TWELVE SEAS INVESTMENT COMPA (G9145A115) 1,289,000 $271k
PIVOTAL ACQUISITION CORP (72583A200) 22,500 $260k
MODERN MEDIA ACQUISITION (60765P111) 1,127,440 $248k
KAIXIN AUTO HLDGS (G5223X100) 109,500 $241k
GROUPON INC (399473107) 66,754 $239k
VECTOIQ ACQUISITION CORP (92243N103) 22,500 $228k
STEELCASE INC (858155203) 11,887 $203k
ALLEGRO MERGER CORP-RTS (01749N129) 950,000 $200k
ALDEYRA THERAPEUTICS USD0.001 (01438T106) 33,301 $200k
LANDCADIA HLDGS II INC (51476X113) 243,333 $195k
TRINE ACQUISITION CORP (89628U116) 252,500 $189k
Repay Holdings Corp (76029L118) 80,000 $162k
DIAMONDPEAK HLDGS COR (25280H118) 163,333 $131k
Iridium Communications Inc (46269C102) 5,523 $128k
CONSTELLATION ALPHA CAP CORP (G2379F116) 1,573,600 $116k
PENSARE ACQUISITION CORP (70957E113) 777,032 $113k
AMCI ACQUISITION CORP WT EXP 0 (00165R119) 332,500 $106k
FINTECH ACQUISITION CORP -24 (31811A119) 70,000 $97k
VECTOIQ ACQUISITION CORP (92243N202) 7,500 $79k
Kaixin Auto Holdings (G5223X134) 621,748 $31k
KBL MERGER CORP IV (48242A112) 205,980 $31k
NEBULA ACQUISITION CORP WT EXP (629076118) 8,003 $8k

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