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Reported Holdings Of The
Madden Advisory Services Inc


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Jul 22, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
INVESCO QQQ TR UNIT SER 1 (46090E103) 60,005 $11,205k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS INF TECH ET (92204A702) 40,181 $8,473k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS HEALTH CAR (92204A504) 46,975 $8,170k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524102) 110,127 $7,767k
SCHWAB U.S. LARGE-CAP GROWTH ETF (808524300) 70,663 $5,879k
ISHARES TR (464289883) 163,001 $5,768k
ISHARES TR RUS 1000 ETF (464287622) 29,452 $4,794k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US SML CAP ETF (808524607) 62,506 $4,467k
ISHARES TR CORE S&P SCP ETF (464287804) 57,003 $4,462k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS CONSUM STP ETF (92204A207) 29,468 $4,383k
ISHARES TR RUS MID CAP ETF (464287499) 77,220 $4,314k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US MID-CAP ETF (808524508) 71,971 $4,108k
ALPS SECTOR DIVIDEND (00162Q858) 93,130 $4,051k
ISHARES (46429B747) 40,262 $4,049k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524805) 125,715 $4,034k
ISHARES TR (464287176) 27,466 $3,172k
ISHARES TR (464287788) 24,846 $3,120k
ISHARES TR MIN VOL EAFE ETF (46429B689) 40,490 $2,941k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS FINANCIALS (92204A405) 42,287 $2,918k
ISHARES TR (464289875) 73,416 $2,864k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524201) 39,559 $2,776k
ISHARES TR CORE S&P MCP ETF (464287507) 12,879 $2,501k
ISHARES GLO (464287341) 75,705 $2,458k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS (92204A603) 16,730 $2,439k
ISHARES GOLD TRUST ISHARES (464285105) 175,361 $2,367k
SPDR DOW JONES INDL (78467X109) 7,755 $2,061k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR (81369Y506) 31,277 $1,992k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US REIT ETF (808524847) 43,733 $1,943k
VANGUARD INDEX FDS VALUE ETF (922908744) 17,357 $1,925k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR (81369Y704) 23,982 $1,856k
WELLTOWER INC (95040Q104) 21,028 $1,714k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS CONSUM DIS (92204A108) 9,422 $1,690k
VANGUARD GROUP (921908844) 13,074 $1,505k
ISHARES TR U.S. TECH ETF (464287721) 7,435 $1,471k
ISHARES (464287168) 14,710 $1,464k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR (808524706) 53,789 $1,411k
ISHARES TR U.S. UTILITS ETF (464287697) 8,914 $1,344k
Vanguard Materials ETF (92204A801) 9,978 $1,279k
VANGUARD INDEX FDS S&P 500 ETF SHS (922908363) 4,533 $1,220k
SPROTT PHYS GLD&SILV (85208R101) 92,027 $1,217k
ISHARES TR (46434V407) 25,636 $1,197k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR (81369Y803) 14,215 $1,109k
ISHARES TR COHEN&ST RLTY (464287564) 9,766 $1,100k
FIRST TR EXCHANGE TRADED FD (33734X119) 23,772 $1,085k
INVESCO EXCHANGE TRADED FD T (46137V738) 25,990 $957k
ISHARES (464288604) 4,490 $914k
ISHARES (464287556) 7,720 $842k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR (81369Y407) 7,012 $835k
ISHARES TR RUS 1000 VAL ETF (464287598) 6,122 $778k
ISHARES TR (464287812) 6,350 $771k
ISHARES TR (464287838) 7,630 $724k
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR US DIVIDEND EQ (808524797) 13,381 $710k
FIRST TR EXCHANGE TRADED FD (33739Q408) 11,812 $709k
ISHARES TR US AER DEF ETF (464288760) 2,903 $621k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR TR SBI INT-FINL (81369Y605) 22,435 $619k
ISHARES (464287465) 8,507 $559k
FIRST TRUST NASDAQ CYBER SECUR (33734x846) 19,370 $553k
ISHARES TR (46434VAU4) 21,899 $544k
JOHNSON & JOHNSON (478160104) 3,861 $537k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A102) 7,198 $522k
ABERDEEN STD GOLD ETF TR (00326A104) 3,636 $494k
INVESCO ETF TR (46137V530) 3,420 $468k
ISHARES (464288786) 6,465 $457k
ISHARES TR (464288737) 7,906 $416k
BCE INC (05534B760) 8,807 $400k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464A359) 7,082 $374k
ISHARES TR RUSSELL 2000 ETF (464287655) 2,400 $373k
ISHARES TR (464287457) 4,317 $366k
FIRST TR EXCHANGE TRADED FD (33734X176) 5,478 $364k
SPDR GOLD TR GOLD (78463V107) 2,649 $352k
ISHARES RUS (464287689) 1,855 $319k
INVESCO EXCHNG TRADED FD TR (46138E404) 12,906 $292k
SELECT SECTOR SPDR (81369Y100) 4,906 $287k
ISHARES SILVER TRUST (46428Q109) 19,679 $282k
ISHARES TR CORE MSCI EAFE (46432F842) 4,415 $271k
VANECK VECTORS ETF TR (92189F486) 9,931 $250k
SPDR SERIES TRUST (78464a888) 5,892 $245k
VANGUARD INDEX FDS MID CAP ETF (922908629) 1,405 $234k
FIRST TR EXCHANGE TRADED FD (33734X150) 5,190 $220k
VANGUARD WORLD FDS (92204A884) 2,445 $211k

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