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A Look at Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC's Q4 2022 Holdings and Investment Strategy.

Ava Hoppe | 21 April, 2023

Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC is a New York-based investment advisory firm with over $5.5 billion in assets under management as of Q3 2022. As with any investment firm, the firm's holdings are a key indicator of its investment strategy and overall investment philosophy.

For the third quarter of 2022, the firm's 13F filings showed a number of significant positions in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and financial services. However, when compared to the firm's holdings for the fourth quarter of 2022, it is apparent that many of these positions have been reduced, with new positions being established in their place.

One of the most significant changes seen in the firm's holdings from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022 was the acquisition of a large new position in Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited (OTCMKTS: MDEVF). The firm acquired over 15 million shares of the gaming and entertainment company during the quarter, representing a significant change in the firm's investment strategy. The value of this position grew by over 41% during the quarter, reflecting continued strong performance in the gaming and entertainment industry worldwide.

In addition to Melco Resorts, Hardman Johnston also established new positions in a number of other companies during the quarter. These included cable television and telecommunications giant Comcast Corp New (NASDAQ: CMCSA), global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk A/S (NYSE: NVO), and fintech unicorn PagSeguro Digital, Ltd. (NYSE: PAGS). While the value of these positions was relatively small compared to the firm's other holdings, they demonstrate a willingness to explore new investment opportunities and invest in new and emerging industries.

However, the firm also reduced a number of its existing positions during the quarter, including in Adobe Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE), which saw a 25.5% drop in value during the quarter, as well as in healthcare companies Alkermes PLC (NASDAQ: ALKS) and Edwards Lifesciences Corporation (NYSE: EW), which both saw significant declines in value during the quarter due to negative industry performance and regulatory concerns.

Overall, the changes to Hardman Johnston's holdings during the quarter reflect a continued willingness to explore new investment opportunities, while still maintaining a strong focus on industries and companies that the firm has traditionally invested in. While there were certainly some positions that did not perform as well as expected during the quarter, the firm's overall portfolio remains diverse and well-positioned for future growth. It will be interesting to see what changes lie ahead for Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC as it continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the global investment market.

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