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Analyzing Ifrah Financial Services, Inc.'s Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 24 April, 2023

Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. is a well-established investment company that manages the assets of high net worth individuals, retirement plans, and other institutional investors. As a leading financial services firm, Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. is always on the lookout for undervalued and overlooked companies. We'll take a closer look at the changes in Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 13F holdings to see what Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. was buying and selling.

In Q3 2022, Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. bought 9.1% of iShares TR's HEFA, worth $4400, but in Q4 2022, the firm reduced its holdings by 9.1%, worth $4001. The decision marks a trend seen in some of the fund's previously owned international stocks. However, the firm's domestic stocks remain unaffected.

MSFT from tech giant Microsoft Corp. made up 4.4% of Ifrah Financial Services, Inc.'s assets in Q3 2022, representing 2881 shares worth $2881. The position remained stable, with no changes identified in Q4 2022.

Last but not least, Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. increased its holdings in ABBVIE INC by 19.5%, worth $4820 in Q4 2022. The move comes after the pharmaceutical giant's shares fell 6.4% in Q3 2022.

Looking beyond individual companies, Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. added about 21.4% to its Vanguard International Equity Index F fund, holding 189,149 shares valued at $9483 in Q4 2022, up from 192,903 shares worth $8557 in Q3 2022. The similarly traded equivalent of domestic equities, Vanguard Index FDS' VBR, also saw a significant uptick, with Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. buying 7.6% more shares valued at $7402 in Q4 2022.

iShares TR remained popular in Ifrah Financial Services, Inc.'s holdings, with multiple funds making up a portion of the investment company's assets. Though Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. remained invested in most of these funds, most were trimmed by less than 3%, with one fund, iShares TR's IJS, seeing an increase in holdings by just 1.2%.

Another discovery was the trend of Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. trimming healthcare stocks in Q4 2022. While the healthcare sector's contribution to the company's total assets remains substantial, the company shed from stocks, including FISERV INC, TEXAS INSTRS INC, and BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CO.

Ifrah Financial Services, Inc.'s decision to buy and sell particular stocks is speculative and may not reflect investors' interests. However, by reviewing the company's 13F changes, we can understand its investment strategy and the trends it expects to see in the coming future.

In conclusion, Ifrah Financial Services, Inc. made significant changes in its holdings between Q3 2022 and Q4 2022. While shedding some holdings, It invested in previously underinvested international and domestic funds. We cannot predict the performance of the individual stocks it bought or sold, but we can say that the investments were likely made with the expectation of a profitable future.

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