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Analyzing Numeric Investors LLC's Q3 2017 vs. Q4 2017 13F Holdings Comparison: Insights into the Investment Strategy of a $16.2B Asset Management Firm

Ava Hoppe | 21 April, 2023

Numeric Investors LLC is an investment management firm that manages more than $16.2 billion in assets. The firm generated an impressive return on investment of 17% in 2017. The firm's portfolio managers and investment analysts use a combination of quantitative and fundamental investment strategies to identify investment opportunities in different markets. They make investment decisions based on a deep understanding of macroeconomic factors and industry trends.

In this blog post, we will analyze the changes in the holdings of the Numeric Investors LLC Q3 2017 vs. Q4 2017 13F Holdings Comparison. This report details the firm's equity holdings, including the option type and the number of shares and their value. By analyzing this report, we can better understand Numeric Investors' investment strategy and identify any emerging trends that could impact the markets.

The report shows some interesting changes in Numeric Investors' holdings during the last quarter of 2017. The most significant change in the firm's portfolio is the decrease in holdings of Facebook, Inc. (META) by 9.7%. Numeric Investors sold 252,500 shares of Facebook, reducing its position to 1,746,800 shares. This decline in holdings may be because of the negative media attention about Facebook's role in the 2016 US presidential election, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and concerns over data privacy.

Numeric Investors added Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (AMP) to its portfolio, increasing its position by 56.3%. The firm purchased 408,662 shares of Ameriprise Financial, increasing its position to 1,513,175 shares. It is interesting to note that this increase comes at a time when the company is seeing growth in earnings and revenue, thanks to its robust financial planning system.

The report also shows that Numeric Investors increased its holdings in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) by 198.9% by purchasing an additional 566,864 shares of stock, increasing its holdings to 884,822 shares. This move shows the firm's increasing interest in the financial sector and its belief in the continued growth potential of Goldman Sachs Group.

Numeric Investors also significantly increased its holdings in Express Scripts Holding Company (ESRX) by 53.8%. The firm purchased an additional 654,800 shares of stock, increasing its holdings to 2,804,500 shares. This move may be due to Express Scripts' recent acquisition by Cigna, which is expected to close later this year.

Another significant change in Numeric Investors' portfolio was the decrease in holdings of Apple Inc. (AAPL) by 55.7%. The firm sold 776,468 shares of Apple, reducing its position to 525,067 shares. This decline in holdings could be due to concerns about the company's future growth prospects, as it faces stiff competition from other smartphone makers and challenges in expanding its services business.

Overall, we can see that Numeric Investors' investment strategy is focus on a mix of stocks across various sectors, with a particular interest in technology, financials, and healthcare. The firm also seems to be actively rebalancing its portfolio by reducing its holdings in some companies while increasing its holdings in others. This approach to portfolio management allows Numeric Investors to adapt to market conditions while maintaining a long-term investment strategy that will generate value for its investors in the future.

In conclusion, the Numeric Investors LLC Q3 2017 vs. Q4 2017 13F Holdings Comparison report provides us with valuable insights into the firm's investment strategy, its views on various industries and companies, and any emerging trends that could influence the markets. As an investor, it is always essential to stay up to date with changes in the holdings of various firms to better understand their investment strategies and make informed investment decisions.

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