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Analyzing Twin Securities, Inc.'s Q3 to Q4 2022 13F Holdings: Winners and Losers

Ava Hoppe | 20 April, 2023

Twin Securities, Inc. Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 13F Holdings Comparison

Twin Securities, Inc. is a public investment firm that invests in various companies across different sectors. As with any investment firm, they regularly file 13F forms with the Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose their holdings. In this post, we will analyze the changes in the holdings of Twin Securities, Inc. from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022, as disclosed in their 13F filings.

Overview of Changes

In Q3 2022, Twin Securities, Inc. held a total of 16 stocks, with a total value of $276,825,000. In Q4 2022, their holdings changed significantly as they sold out of some positions and increased their holdings in others. They ended Q4 2022 with a total of 15 stocks, with a total value of $169,452,000. This represents a significant decrease in the overall value of their holdings, which decreased by about 38%.

Biggest Gainers

The biggest winner for Twin Securities, Inc. in Q4 2022 was Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. (AAWW), which saw a 69.1% increase in shares held from Q3 2022. AAWW is a leading provider of outsourced aircraft and aviation operating services, and their stock has performed exceptionally well in recent times. This increase in holdings is an indication that Twin Securities, Inc. believes the company's positive performance will continue into the future.

Another big gainer for Twin Securities, Inc. was Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI). In Q4 2022, Twin Securities, Inc. increased their holdings in the game development company by 38.7%. This increase comes after a period of uncertainty for the company, with reports of a hostile work environment leading to a high-profile lawsuit. However, the company's recent earnings report showed strong performance, leading to increased confidence from investors, including Twin Securities, Inc.

Biggest Losers

Shaw Communications Inc. (SJR-B.TO) was the biggest loser for Twin Securities, Inc. in Q4 2022. They sold off the majority of their holdings in the company, resulting in a 43% decrease in shares held. SJR-B.TO is a leading provider of broadband cable television, High-Speed Internet, Home Phone, telecommunications services, and satellite television services in Canada. It's unclear why Twin Securities, Inc. chose to sell off their holdings in SJR-B.TO, but it's possible they saw issues with the future growth potential of the company.

Another notable loser for Twin Securities, Inc. was NCR Corp New (NCR), which had a 19.6% decrease in shares held. NCR provides technology solutions to a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, and finance. This decrease in shareholding may indicate that Twin Securities, Inc. sees issues with the future growth potential of the company or that they want to reallocate their funds to more promising investments.


Twin Securities, Inc.'s holdings changed significantly from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022. While they sold off some positions that weren't performing as well, they also increased their holdings in companies that they believe have strong growth potential. The biggest winners for them in Q4 2022 were AAWW and ATVI, while the biggest losers were SJR-B.TO and NCR. It will be interesting to see how these companies perform in the future and how Twin Securities, Inc. continues to allocate their funds.

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