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Cambria Investment Management, L.P. Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 6 May, 2023

Investment firms, financial analysts, and the investment community at large rely heavily on quarterly 13F filings for critical information on the holdings of institutional investors. These reports provide insight into which stocks are being bought, sold, or held by the biggest players in the game.

The latest 13F filing by Cambria Investment Management, L.P. reveals some interesting changes that could have implications for the entire market. Let's take a closer look at the numbers.

In the third quarter of 2022, Cambria held 1594427 shares of VAMO, a Cambria ETF Trust, at a value of $41296. However, in the fourth quarter of 2022, the number of shares held increased to 1798876, with a corresponding increase in value to $48947, a jump of 18.5%.

The biggest increase in holdings came from GVAL, another Cambria ETF Trust. In the third quarter, Cambria held 495086 shares with a value of $7936. But in the fourth quarter, Cambria increased its holdings to 1234969 shares with a value of $24748, a whopping 211.9% increase in shares held.

SYLD, the Cambria ETF Trust focused on the next generation of companies, saw a similar increase in holdings with Cambria holding 163768 shares with a value of $8614 in the third quarter. This increased to 408965 shares and a value of $24255 in the fourth quarter, a 181.6% increase in shares held.

FYLD, another Cambria ETF Trust, showed a significant increase in holdings as well. In Q3 2022, Cambria held 307387 shares of FYLD with a value of $6274. In the fourth quarter, Cambria increased its holdings to 905084 shares with a value of $21969, a 250.2% increase in shares held.

In contrast, there were some holdings that saw a decrease. For example, in the third quarter, Cambria held 408300 shares of SCHP with a value of $21150. However, in the fourth quarter, the holding decreased to 400256 shares with a value of $20729, a decrease of -2%.

Despite reductions in holdings, that doesn't necessarily mean the company is no longer in favor with investment managers at Cambria. In some cases, it might simply reflect a strategic decision to reduce exposure to a particular position, or take profits on a successful investment.

In conclusion, Cambria's 13F filing for Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 shows signs of strong bullishness, especially in Cambria ETF Trusts like VAMO, GVAL, SYLD, and FYLD. That being said, as always, investors should conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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