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Clearshares LLC Q3 2021 vs. Q4 2021: Analyzing Holdings Changes

Ava Hoppe | 24 April, 2023

The Q3 2021 vs Q4 2021 13F holdings comparison for Clearshares LLC is out and we can't help but dive right into the analysis. For those unfamiliar, a 13F is a quarterly report filed by institutional investment managers that discloses their equity holdings. It is a great way to track institutional investment strategies and the holdings they see potential in.

Clearshares LLC, a registered investment advisor, has a total market value of $5.5 billion in assets under management. In this report, we analyze the changes in its holdings, mainly its option types, shares, and value. Let's dive into the details.

Vanguard and iShares Dominate Holdings

The largest equity holdings in Clearshares LLC's portfolio are ETFs from Vanguard and iShares. Vanguard's VTV, VEA, VUG, VEU, VTI, VOO, and VYM together make up close to 25% of Clearshares LLC's portfolio, with a total market value of $29,266,000. iShares' IEFA, USMV, IVV, IXUS, IJH, GVI, and PFF hold 13.6% of the portfolio, with a total market value of $15,736,000.

Notable Holdings Changes

SPTM: SPDR Portfolio Total Stock Market ETF, previously held 4.4% of the portfolio with 106,474 shares in Q3 2021. In Q4 2021, this rose to 107,479 shares, increasing its market value from $5,642,000 to $6,038,000.

BIV: Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF, previously held 3.6% of the portfolio with 33,773 shares in Q3 2021. In Q4 2021, the shares' value increased to 33,797, and the market value increased from $3,021,000 to $3,131,000.

IUSB: iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF, previously held 3.2% of the portfolio with 67,455 shares in Q3 2021. In Q4 2021, this decreased to 66,512 shares, reducing the market value from $3,591,000 to $3,518,000.

PFF: iShares Preferred and Income Securities ETF, previously held 2.5% of the portfolio with 31,508 shares in Q3 2021. In Q4 2021, this decreased to 31,426 shares, reducing the market value from $1,223,000 to $1,190,000.

What Does This Mean for Investors?

It is important to remember that institutional investors like Clearshares LLC typically have a long-term outlook on their investments. They monitor the performance of their holdings and make changes to optimize their returns.

Investors can use the 13F filings to gain insights into institutional investors' views on different sectors and companies. If investors are interested in investing in a particular company or sector, they can use these filings to get an idea of how institutional investors are positioning themselves.

Final Thoughts

Clearshares LLC's Q3 2021 vs. Q4 2021 13F holdings comparison shows that despite a few changes, the company is holding on to most of its ETFs from Vanguard and iShares. This report is just one indicator of how Clearshares is positioning itself in the market but should not be seen as the sole factor in making investing decisions. It is important to conduct thorough research, paying attention to factors like fundamentals, valuations, and industry trends, before making any investment decisions.

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