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Edge Wealth Management LLC Q1 2023 vs Q2 2023: A Close Look at 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 26 July, 2023

Investment management is a complex field that requires continuous analysis and adjustment to ensure optimal performance. One tool that provides crucial insights into an investment manager's strategy is the Form 13F, which discloses the holdings of institutional investment managers with at least $100 million in assets under management. In this article, we will analyze the Q1 2023 and Q2 2023 13F holdings comparison for Edge Wealth Management LLC, a prominent investment management firm.

During Q1 2023, Edge Wealth Management LLC held a variety of positions in different companies across sectors. The firm's top holdings included shares of iShares TR, ISHARES TR, APPLE INC, ISHARES TR, MICROSOFT CORP, and ALPHABET INC. The value of these holdings, measured in millions of dollars, amounted to $48,674, $32,859, $49,488, $25,368, and $19,982 respectively.

However, in Q2 2023, Edge Wealth Management LLC made some notable changes to its holdings. While their top positions remained relatively stable, there were shifts in the values and quantities of their investments. The value of their holdings in iShares TR decreased to $47,479, representing a 2.5% decline. Similarly, their holdings in MICROSOFT CORP and ALPHABET INC saw increases in value to $30,372 and $23,634 respectively, reflecting a 19.7% and 18.3% growth.

One interesting change was observed in their holdings of APPLE INC. In Q1 2023, Edge Wealth Management LLC held 199,218 shares of the company, with a value of $32,859. However, in Q2 2023, the firm increased its position in APPLE INC to 201,684 shares, resulting in a higher value of $39,120. This indicates a 19.1% increase in holdings, suggesting confidence in the company's future performance.

Another significant change occurred in their holdings of ISHARES TR. In Q1 2023, Edge Wealth Management LLC held 1,561,843 shares of the company, with a value of $48,674. However, in Q2 2023, the firm reduced its position to 1,535,073 shares, resulting in a lower value of $47,479. This marks a 2.5% decrease in holdings, indicating a potential shift in investment strategy.

Additionally, there were other notable changes in Edge Wealth Management LLC's holdings. Some positions saw substantial increases in value, such as MERCK & CO INC, WALMART INC, JPMORGAN CHASE & CO, and PUBLIC STORAGE, which experienced growth percentages of 11.2%, 9.6%, 14.3%, and 0.2% respectively. On the other hand, there were positions that saw decreases in value, such as GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP, PIMCO DYNAMIC INCOME FD, INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II, and SOUTH JERSEY INDS INC FDS DIVERSIFIED INCOME FD, which experienced declines of 1.9%, 19.8%, 46.8%, and 24% respectively.

It is important to note that changes in holdings can occur for various reasons, such as market trends, portfolio rebalancing, or shifts in investment strategy. While the 13F filings provide valuable information, they should not be taken as a standalone indicator of a firm's investment decisions.

In conclusion, Edge Wealth Management LLC made several changes to its holdings during Q1 2023 and Q2 2023. While some positions saw increases in value, others experienced declines. These adjustments reflect the firm's efforts to optimize its portfolio based on market conditions and its investment strategy. As the investment landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how Edge Wealth Management LLC adapts its holdings in the future.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice.

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