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Empowering Global Enterprises: Allshares, the Vanguard of Equity Plan Management Solutions

Gracie Gottlieb | 6 March, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of global business, the mechanisms of compensation and benefits are evolving more rapidly than ever before. The ever-increasing complexity of legal, tax, and regulatory frameworks across the globe has compelled enterprises to seek sophisticated solutions for equity plan management. Enter Allshares, a name that is fast becoming synonymous with innovative, compliant, and seamless equity plan administration for multinational enterprises. With its recent strategic growth investment led by Bregal Milestone, Allshares is poised to redefine the norms of compensation and benefits on an international scale.

Allshares emerges from the expertise and legacy of Evli Alexander Incentives, a former division of the esteemed Evli Group, which has long catered to an elite clientele with its unparalleled wealth management services. The transition marks a significant leap towards expansion and innovation, with Allshares ambitiously aiming to cement its status as the premier provider of equity plan design and administration services in Europe and beyond.

The core of Allshares' proposition is its proprietary digital platform, which offers an end-to-end turnkey solution for equity plan management. This innovative software enables companies to administer share plans in complete adherence to the intricate web of relevant regulations, legal stipulations, and tax frameworks that vary from one jurisdiction to another. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless and automated IFRS reporting of share plans, thereby eliminating a substantial burden from the shoulders of financial and HR departments across industries.

Serving approximately 300 multinational public and private enterprise customers across more than 100 countries, Allshares is not merely a service provider but a partner that ensures the smooth and compliant execution of equity plans, thereby empowering companies and their participants to focus on their core missions without being encumbered by the intricacies of share plan administration.

The strategic investment by Bregal Milestone, a leading European software and technology growth private equity firm, is a testament to the confidence in Allshares' vision and its capabilities. Bregal Milestone brings to the table not just financial investment but a wealth of experience in nurturing technology companies to achieve market leadership. This partnership is set to fuel Allshares’ growth, enabling it to invest in its platform further, expand its offerings, and extend its reach into new European and international markets.

The endorsement from Bregal Milestone is particularly significant in light of its recognition as one of the Top Growth Equity Firms of 2023. This alliance is poised to create a symbiotic relationship that leverages Bregal Milestone’s strategic insights and operational support to escalate Allshares’ growth trajectory exponentially.

Bregal Milestone’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Cyrus Shey, remarked on the partnership with enthusiasm, citing Allshares' strong track record, high recurring revenues, and its market-leading position as key factors that make it well-suited for accelerated international growth. He emphasized the increasing adoption of software and data products across all compensation and benefit categories, positioning Allshares at the vanguard to capitalize on this burgeoning trend.

Allshares stands at the precipice of a new era in equity plan management, powered by its innovative digital platform, the strategic backing of Bregal Milestone, and its enduring commitment to delivering excellence to its clientele. Its mission to alleviate the complexities of equity plan administration worldwide is not just a boon for its direct customers but a significant contribution to the broader economic landscape, fostering a more transparent, compliant, and efficient global market.

In conclusion, Allshares represents a paradigm shift in how multinational enterprises approach equity plan management. Its comprehensive suite of services, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, sets a new standard in the domain of compensation and benefits. As Allshares embarks on this exciting journey of growth and innovation, it is poised to not only expand its footprint but also fundamentally transform the efficiency and compliance of equity plan administration across the globe.

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