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Exploring Silvercrest Asset Management Q3 and Q4 13F Holdings: Winners, Losers, and the Way Forward

Ava Hoppe | 6 May, 2023

Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLC, a registered investment adviser, recently filed its 13F statements for the third and fourth-quarter periods of 2022. The 13F statements are mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and disclose the firm's holdings at the end of each quarter. These disclosures provide valuable insights into the management strategies and portfolio positions of institutional investors. In this article, we will explore Silvercrest Asset Management's Q3 and Q4 holdings, noting the biggest winners, losers, and the way forward.


Home Depot Inc. (NYSE: HD)

Silvercrest Asset Management increased its stake in Home Depot by approximately 13,272 shares or 1.62%, taking its total holding to 579,449 shares worth $183.02 million. Even with a slowdown in the housing market, Home Depot has shown great resilience, with its shares appreciating by 17.2% in Q4 2022. Its fundamentals remain strong with sales increasing by 10% YoY to reach $42.8 billion. The company had a robust earnings report delivering $3.86 EPS, representing an increase of 13.8% from prior-year results.

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX)

Despite the increasing push for clean energy alternatives, Silvercrest Asset Management added approximately 12,907 Chevron shares or 1.6%, taking its total holding to 846,011 shares worth $151.85 million. The oil industry is currently experiencing a significant recovery following the pandemic-induced slump, with reports indicating that global oil demand is set to rebound to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022. Chevron has localized growth in several pure-play upstream projects that have boosted its bottom line. In Q4 2022, Chevron's sales reached $37.65 billion, indicating a 23% YoY growth. Considering the favorable market conditions, Chevron represents a promising opportunity for investors.


Cadence Bancorporation (NYSE:CADE)

Silvercrest Asset Management reduced its stake in Cadence Bancorporation by about 2,52,532 shares or 4.7%, taking its total holding to 56,72,341 shares worth $139.88 million. While Cadence Bancorporation reported Q4 2022 GAAP EPS of $0.27, down from the prior-year's EPS of $0.84, the company's stock price declined by as much as 7.1%. The decline can be attributed to the bank's acquisition of Houston-based State Bank, which faces challenges related to credit quality and loan gains.

Alphabet Inc. (nasdaq:GOOG)

Silvercrest Asset Management reduced its stake in Alphabet by roughly 28,177 shares or 3.65%, taking its total holding to 740,281 shares worth $65.31 million. Despite Alphabet's robust Q4 2022 financial results, its shares experienced a slight dip of -11.2% in Q4 2022. The decline may have been catalyzed by fears of increasing regulatory scrutiny, with the possibility of fines and investigations narrowing the horizon for the company. Nevertheless, the future outlook for Alphabet remains positive, with analysts projecting continued growth in the firm's engines of innovation, including the worlds' largest autonomous driving company, Waymo.

The Way Forward

Silvercrest Asset Management appears to have an interesting array of investment opportunities, primarily in resilient companies or those with great growth prospects. The company's Q4 2022 holdings are indicative of its confidence in the growth of the US economy, with positive movements in Home Depot and Chevron positions. Cadillac Bancorporation and Alphabet are in a less envious position; however, the picture remains positive for the future. With dynamic economic contexts and an ever-changing regulatory landscape, the future outlook for the investment industry will be characterized by continued disruptions and opportunities. Silvercrest Asset Management is keeping a watchful eye on the wheel of change and has aligned itself for success.

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