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Founders Financial Securities LLC Q2 2023 vs. Q3 2023 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 21 October, 2023


In the world of finance, monitoring the changes in investment holdings is crucial for investors, analysts, and fund managers. The quarterly 13F filings provide valuable insights into these changes, highlighting the shifting trends and strategies of financial institutions. In this article, we will examine the Q2 2023 vs. Q3 2023 13F holdings comparison for Founders Financial Securities LLC. We will analyze the top holdings, percentage changes, and the overall impact on the company's portfolio.

Founders Financial Securities LLC's Top Holdings:


- Q2 2023 (SHARES): 755,368

- Q3 2023 (SHARES): 777,022

- Q2 2023 VALUE ($000): 46,085

- Q3 2023 VALUE ($000): 46,061

- Chg %: -0.1


- Q2 2023 (SHARES): 758,070

- Q3 2023 (SHARES): 795,829

- Q2 2023 VALUE ($000): 32,748

- Q3 2023 VALUE ($000): 32,835

- Chg %: 0.3


- Q2 2023 (SHARES): 399,995

- Q3 2023 (SHARES): 428,878

- Q2 2023 VALUE ($000): 29,047

- Q3 2023 VALUE ($000): 30,347

- Chg %: 4.5


- Q2 2023 (SHARES): 529,056

- Q3 2023 (SHARES): 566,634

- Q2 2023 VALUE ($000): 24,431

- Q3 2023 VALUE ($000): 24,773

- Chg %: 1.4


- Q2 2023 (SHARES): 244,804

- Q3 2023 (SHARES): 220,112

- Q2 2023 VALUE ($000): 24,394

- Q3 2023 VALUE ($000): 20,763

- Chg %: -14.9

(Note: The table above is a representation of the data analyzed in this article.)


The comparison between Q2 2023 and Q3 2023 13F holdings for Founders Financial Securities LLC reveals interesting insights into their investment strategy. Let's examine some of the notable changes and their potential implications.

Firstly, SPYG, an ETF offered by SPDR SER TR, witnessed a marginal decrease of 0.1% in shares held by Founders Financial Securities LLC. While the change may seem insignificant, it indicates a cautious approach towards this particular asset.

On the other hand, SPYV saw a slight increase of 0.3% in shares held. This suggests a positive sentiment towards the fund, potentially reflecting a belief in the growth prospects of the underlying assets.

One of the significant changes in holdings is seen in SCHD, managed by SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR. Founders Financial Securities LLC increased its holdings by 4.5%, indicating a bullish outlook on the fund's performance. This could be attributed to the fund's strong track record and the belief in the companies it comprises.

Another interesting development is the 1.4% increase in holdings of VEA, managed by VANGUARD TAX-MANAGED FDS. This indicates a bet on international markets and a desire to diversify the portfolio. The value growth in this investment also reflects positive performance in overseas markets.

However, not all changes were positive. IJR, an ETF managed by ISHARES TR, experienced a significant decrease of 14.9% in holdings. This suggests a shift in strategy or a lack of confidence in the companies represented by the fund. Investors and analysts will carefully monitor the reasons behind this decision and its impact on the overall portfolio.


The Q2 2023 vs. Q3 2023 13F holdings comparison for Founders Financial Securities LLC reveals a mix of positive and negative changes. While slight fluctuations in holdings are common, the notable increases or decreases provide valuable insights into the investment strategy and market sentiment.

Investors should consider these changes when assessing their own portfolios or making investment decisions. Understanding the trends in holdings can help identify potential opportunities or risks associated with specific funds or assets.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


Founders Financial Securities LLC's Q2 2023 vs. Q3 2023 13F holdings comparison showcases the changes in their investment portfolio. While some holdings experienced slight fluctuations, others witnessed significant changes, indicating a shift in strategy or market sentiment. Understanding these changes can provide valuable insights for investors, helping them make informed decisions. As the market evolves, staying updated with 13F filings and analyzing the quarterly holdings comparison will remain crucial for financial professionals and individuals seeking investment opportunities.

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