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GenTrust's Q2 2023 vs. Q3 2023 13F Holdings Comparison: Changes in Fund Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 20 October, 2023

The second and third quarters of 2023 have seen interesting shifts in the holdings of GenTrust, LLC. As an investment management firm, GenTrust carefully analyzes and manages its portfolio to maximize returns and mitigate risks. In this article, we will explore the changes in their holdings during this period and examine the potential impacts on their investment strategy.

Vanguard Index Funds (VOO) has secured the top spot in GenTrust's holdings during both quarters, albeit with an increase in shares from 509,425 in Q2 2023 to 576,571 in Q3 2023. This growth signifies GenTrust's confidence in the performance and potential of this index fund. The value of VOO also rose from $208,267,000 to $227,278,000, representing a significant 9.1% increase.

As the second-largest holding in GenTrust's portfolio, Vanguard Bond Index Funds (BND) experienced a slight decrease in shares, going from 2,259,894 in Q2 2023 to 2,307,286 in Q3 2023. However, the value of BND remains relatively stable with a minor decline from $164,271,000 to $161,002,000, indicating a modest 2% decrease.

Meanwhile, the Vanguard International Equity Index Fund (VPL) exhibited strong growth in both shares and value. The shares of VPL increased from 1,119,439 in Q2 2023 to 1,246,280 in Q3 2023, representing a substantial 11.3% increase. Likewise, the value of VPL rose from $78,047,000 to $83,351,000, indicating a solid 6.8% growth.

On the flip side, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) witnessed a decrease in both shares and value. The shares of SPY decreased from 186,444 in Q2 2023 to 162,854 in Q3 2023, signifying a significant 12.7% decline. The value of SPY also experienced a sharp decrease from $82,953,000 to $69,901,000, representing a notable 15.7% drop.

The Vanguard Malvern Funds (VTIP) emerged as one of the biggest gainers during this period. Its shares skyrocketed from 966,522 in Q2 2023 to 1,427,884 in Q3 2023, exhibiting a remarkable 47.3% increase. The value of VTIP also rose from $45,832,000 to $67,510,000, signifying the significant gains made by GenTrust through this investment.

Vanguard Whitehall Funds (VWOB) experienced substantial growth, with an increase in shares from 483,605 in Q2 2023 to 795,778 in Q3 2023, representing a remarkable 64.6% rise. The value of VWOB also surged from $30,114,000 to $47,078,000, indicating an impressive 56.3% increase.

In contrast, iShares TR (IEUR) and iShares Inc (IEMG) demonstrated a decline in both shares and value. The shares of IEUR decreased from 1,462,574 in Q2 2023 to 1,214,431 in Q3 2023, signifying a substantial 16.9% decline. Additionally, IEMG experienced a decrease in shares from 1,297,109 in Q2 2023 to 1,037,503 in Q3 2023, representing a significant 20% drop. The values of both IEUR and IEMG also saw a decline of 21.7% and 22.8% respectively.

It's interesting to note that the top holdings of GenTrust encompass a diversification of funds, including equity index funds, bond index funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This strategy allows them to manage risks and take advantage of various market opportunities.

In conclusion, GenTrust, LLC has made strategic adjustments to their holdings in 13F filings during the second and third quarters of 2023. While some holdings experienced fluctuations, others showcased remarkable growth. By continuously monitoring and adapting their portfolio, GenTrust endeavors to generate positive returns and drive long-term success for their clients.

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