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Good Harbor Financial, LLC Q2 2015 vs. Q3 2015 Fund Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 14 May, 2023

In the world of financial investments, change is inevitable; no stock remains stagnant forever. The Q2 2015 vs. Q3 2015 13F Holdings comparison of Good Harbor Financial, LLC, particularly, demonstrates this assertion, as seen from the data shared in the table. In Q2 2015, Good Harbor held shares in 27 funds, with the number increasing to 37 in Q3 2015. This article will provide an overview of the funds in which Good Harbor owns shares, the changes in the value and quantity of the shares between these two periods, and attempt to explain the rationale behind their investment decisions.

One of the funds in which Good Harbor Financial increased its holdings between Q2 2015 and Q3 2015 is ISHARES TR (SHY). The firm had 26,851 shares of this fund in Q2 2015, with a value of $2,279,000. In Q3 2015, however, this number significantly increased; Good Harbor owned 8,641,695 shares of the fund, with a value of $734,457,000. This is a massive 32,127.2% increase in value. It's not entirely clear what drove this decision; however, considering that SHY is a short-term U.S. Treasury bond ETF, Good Harbor likely felt it was a relatively safe asset to own in a volatile market.

PROSHARES TR (UST) is another fund whose shares Good Harbor increased during the period under review. While the firm did not hold any shares in the fund in Q2 2015, it had accumulated 641,085 shares worth $37,272,000 in Q3 2015.

On the other hand, Good Harbor Financial reduced its holdings in some funds. For instance, the firm held 1,232,690 shares in LEXINGTON REALTY TRUST (LXP) in Q2 2015, valued at $10,453,000. In contrast, this number decreased to 1,167,904 shares in Q3 2015, with a reduced value of $9,460,000, representing a decrease of 9.5%. Again, we can only speculate as to why Good Harbor has decreased its holdings in this particular fund. However, considering that LXP had a disappointing Q2 2015 compared to the previous quarter, the firm might have felt uncertain about the stock's prospects.

Another fund in which Good Harbor Financial reduced its holdings is STARWOOD PPTY TR INC (STWD). The company held 655,299 shares of the fund worth $14,135,000 in Q2 2015, but only owned 459,590 shares worth $9,431,000 in Q3, representing a 33.3% drop in value. We can suggest that Good Harbor feels that there is less value to the STWD fund than it did before, and thus decided to sell.

In conclusion, Good Harbor Financial's change in holdings in various funds between Q2 2015 and Q3 2015 demonstrates the dynamic nature of the financial market. It also highlights how investment decisions can be driven by factors beyond a fund's performance, such as market volatility and uncertainty. By continuously monitoring their holdings, investors can identify trends and make informed decisions that are in line with their long-term financial objectives.

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