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Guardian Investment Management's Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022: A Dive into 13F Holdings Data

Ava Hoppe | 23 April, 2023

Guardian Investment Management is a reputable investment management firm that oversees a wide range of investment portfolios. As a professional blog writer, I have analyzed the 13F holdings data of Guardian Investment Management Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022, and it shows many changes that can impact investors' decisions.

Let's look at the data in detail:

Company: Apple Inc (AAPL)

Option Type: (N/A)

Q3 2022 Shares: 118,533

Q4 2022 Shares: 118,468

Q3 2022 Value ($000): 16,381

Q4 2022 Value ($000): 15,392

Chg %: -6

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest holdings of Guardian Investment Management, with a remarkable 118,533 shares in Q3 that only decreased to 118,468 shares in Q4. However, the value of shares decreased from $16,381 in Q3 to $15,392 in Q4, resulting in a change of -6%. This change may have been due to the recent controversy around Apple's App store policies.

Company: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Option Type: (N/A)

Q3 2022 Shares: 26,960

Q4 2022 Shares: 26,960

Q3 2022 Value ($000): 4,404

Q4 2022 Value ($000): 4,762

Chg %: 8.1

The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson's shares remained unchanged at 26,960 shares in both Q3 and Q4. However, there was an increase in the value of shares, rising from $4,404 in Q3 to $4,762 in Q4, representing a change of 8.1%.

Company: Microsoft Corp (MSFT)

Option Type: (N/A)

Q3 2022 Shares: 15,840

Q4 2022 Shares: 16,865

Q3 2022 Value ($000): 3,689

Q4 2022 Value ($000): 4,044

Chg %: 9.6

The software giant Microsoft's shares experienced a positive gain of 1,025 shares, rising from 15,840 in Q3 to 16,865 in Q4. Similarly, there was an increase in the value of shares, with a change of 9.6% from $3,689 in Q3 to $4,044 in Q4.

Company: Visa Inc (V)

Option Type: (N/A)

Q3 2022 Shares: 62,578

Q4 2022 Shares: 35,013

Q3 2022 Value ($000): 2,376

Q4 2022 Value ($000): 1,379

Chg %: -41.9

The multinational financial services company Visa Inc had a significant change between Q3 and Q4. While the number of shares decreased from 62,578 in Q3 to 35,013 in Q4, there was a drastic change of -41.9% in the value of shares. With the value being $2,376 in Q3 and diminishing to $1,379 in Q4, investors may want to consider why Guardian Investment Management reduced its holdings on this particular stock.


The 13F holdings data of Guardian Investment Management Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 provides insight into investors' sentiments towards the stocks they choose. While some stocks showed positive gains, others underwent a drastic change in their value. It is essential to consider these changes as they can influence future investments.

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