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Interactive Financial Advisors: A Comparison of Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 13F Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 11 May, 2023

Interactive Financial Advisors, Inc. has released its Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 13F holdings, revealing significant changes in the company's investment portfolio. The report shows that Interactive Financial Advisors has sold off some of its holdings while also increasing its investment in other areas.

One of the biggest changes in Interactive Financial Advisors' portfolio is its increased investment in iShares TR. In Q4 2022, the company held 133,159 shares of the iShares TR, which increased to 137,723 shares in Q1 2023. The value of these shares also rose from $12,915,000 to $13,722,000, a 6.3% increase. This bullish bet on iShares TR was also reflected in its holdings of other iShares funds such as IVV, which saw an increase of 7.4% during the same period.

Vanguard also featured heavily in Interactive Financial Advisors' portfolio, particularly with the Vanguard Specialized Funds and Vanguard Tax-Managed Funds. The company increased its holdings in Vanguard Specialized Funds from 95,503 shares in Q4 2022 to 98,001 in Q1 2023, resulting in a 4.1% increase in value. Vanguard Tax-Managed Funds, however, saw a decrease of 11.7% in share value, with Interactive Financial Advisors selling off a total of 12,852 shares during the period.

The report also shows a shift in the Interactive Financial Advisors portfolio towards more environmentally and socially responsible investments. One such investment is Flexshares TR ESG ETF, where the firm increased its holdings by 1.5% to 41,694 shares. This shift is likely driven by the growing trend of sustainable investing, which has become more popular in recent years.

Another notable change in Interactive Financial Advisors' portfolio is its significant increase in holdings in Invesco QQQ Trust, which rose by 37.4% during the period. The company also increased its investment in ARK ETF Trust's ARKK by 22.9%.

On the opposite end of performance, the firm decreased its holdings in SPDR Gold Trust by 13.4%, from 16,026 shares to 12,850 shares. This negative sentiment was also reflected in a decrease in its holdings for IGE from 45,033 shares to 39,708 shares, resulting in a 15.1% dip in share value.

Overall, Interactive Financial Advisors' Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 13F holdings show a portfolio that is constantly evolving, reflecting an investment strategy that seeks to maximize returns while minimizing risks. The changes in holdings also reflect the company's shifting priorities towards more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable investments, which is likely to continue as sustainable investing becomes more mainstream.

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