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Investing in 2022: Changes in Holdings by Vestor Capital compared between Q3 and Q4

Ava Hoppe | 2 May, 2023

Vestor Capital, a private investment firm, released its Q4 2022 13F holdings report, which revealed some interesting changes compared to the Q3 report. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the top holdings in this Fund and analyze the percentage change in shares and value during this period.

Apple Inc (AAPL) remains at the top of Vestor Capital's holdings, although there was a significant drop of 27.2% in their shares, which decreased from 430,594 in Q3 to 333,304 in Q4. The value of Apple Inc's shares also dropped from $59,508,000 to $43,306,000. The decrease in shares will have certainly affected Vestor Capital's position on Apple, marking a deviation from the rest of the year as the stock's value was on a steady upward trend until the Fall.

Schlumberger Limited (SLB) moves up to the second position on Vestor Capital's holdings, with a whopping increase of 112.9% in shares from 427,461 in Q3 to 611,021 in Q4. There was also an increase in the value of these shares from $15,346,000 to $32,665,000. It is hard to pinpoint what drove this particular surge, but the rapid recovery after the pandemic could be one of the several reasons.

Unitedhealth Group Inc (UNH), held a third place on Vestor Capital's holdings, maintaining a steady position, with a near-unchanged share percentage of 3.7%, increasing only $842,000 in value from Q3 to Q4.

Microsoft (MSFT), came in fourth on Vestor Capital's list of holdings, with a 19.2% decline from Q3 to Q4. The number of shares dropped from 141,997 to 111,396, and the value of shares fell from $33,071,000 to $26,715,000. It is interesting to note that in the changes in holdings of this fund, Microsoft’s is the only big tech tech company that experienced a drop in holdings.

Cardinal Health Inc (CAH) remains in fifth place with a relatively steady 13.9% increase in value from $22,755,000 in Q3 to $25,919,000 in Q4, with shares dropping only slightly.

Other significant changes include the sharp increase in holdings of Canadian Pacific Ltd (CP.TO) and Select Sector SPDR TR Energy (XLE) by 10.8% and 70.7% respectively, fuelled by the current oil recovery market.

On the other hand, there was a noticeable drop in the holdings of Visa (V), which saw its share percentage decline by 28.9% from Q3 to Q4, affecting Vestor Capital's total portfolio significantly.

Although Vestor Capital ensures that their investors enjoy a diverse portfolio of securities, the Q4 report reveals a particular interest in energy and commodities. It is also interesting to point out that in the Fund's portfolio, the top 10 holdings account for over half of the total holdings, with the top five holdings accounting for nearly 40%.

We hope this insight into Vestor Capital's Q3 and Q4 holdings changes has provided clarity for investors, and we look forward to seeing how these moves in holdings will impact their overall performance in the next quarter.

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