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Investing in 2022: Value Holdings Management Co. LLC's Q3 to Q4 Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 2 May, 2023

Value Holdings Management Co. LLC is a well-established investment firm that manages various portfolios. Like other entities, the Value Holdings Management Co. LLC 13F filings provide insights into the company's investment strategies and decisions. It is always intriguing for investment enthusiasts and professionals to know how they manage their portfolios, what changes they make, and how their portfolio performs throughout the year. In this article, we will dive into the changes made by Value Holdings Management Co. LLC in their Q3 to Q4 comparison.

In Q3 2022, some of the significant holdings for the firm include Rollins Inc, Matador Resources Co, Tetra Tech Inc, and Pioneer Natural Resources Co. The total value investments for Q3 2022 were $243,342,000, with Rollins comprising the most substantial share of $33,420,000.

However, in Q4 2022, some changes were made in their holdings. Despite the slight decrease in the number of shares held by Rollins Inc, the company still maintained its position of the most valued investment in Q4 2022 with a portfolio worth $34,847,000. On the other hand, Matador Resources Co maintained the same number of shares held, but the company's portfolio value increased by 17%.

Another notable investment by Value Holdings Management Co. LLC in Q3 2022 was MKS Instruments Inc, worth $25,265,000. The company held 305,714 shares in Q3 2022, and this figure did not change in Q4 2022. Despite this, there was a 2.5% increase in the portfolio's value, which was valued at $25,904,000 in Q4 2022.

Notably, Global Payments Inc was one of the significant investment losses for the company in Q4 2022. The company owned 265,912 shares worth $28,732,000 in portfolio value in Q3 2022, and in Q4 2022, they still held the same number of shares. However, the portfolio value decreased by 8.1%, to $26,410,000.

Another significant loss was experienced with Lumentum Holdings Inc. Although the share numbers held by Value Holdings Management Co. LLC did not decrease, the portfolio value of the shares decreased by 32.4% in Q4 2022. In the Q3 2022 filings, the company held shares in Lumentum Holdings Inc worth $18,500,000, and in Q4 2022, the value decreased to $12,520,000.

In summary, Value Holdings Management Co. LLC's Q4 filings reveal the firm maintaining its portfolio's value despite some losses in investments. The company continues to hold positions in some of its significant investments, while others have experienced a decline in portfolio value. However, most losses are offset by appreciation in other holdings, leading to an overall positive year for the firm.

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