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Investment Firm Three Peaks Capital Management Reports Q2 vs. Q3 2021 Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 12 May, 2023

Three Peaks Capital Management, LLC, reported its second-quarter (Q2) versus third-quarter (Q3) 2021 13F holdings in a recent report. The investment management firm is known for its unique approach to risk management and portfolio optimization. The report shows a comparison of the issuer name, option type, Q2 2021 shares, Q3 2021 shares, Q2 2021 value, Q3 2021 value, and percentage change.

The report indicates that LPL Financial Holdings Inc (LPLA), Ally Financial Inc (ALLY), and IQVIA Holdings Inc (IQV) are among the top performers in the Q3 2021 report. These companies saw an increase in shares and value. LPLA saw a 27.4% increase in value, while ALLY experienced an 11.2% increase. In contrast, IQV experienced a decline of 4.1%.

Churchill Downs Inc (CHDN), AVANTOR INC (AVTR), and Ball Corp (BALL) also saw significant improvements in their Q3 positions, with CHDN seeing an impressive 70.1% increase in value. These changes mark a positive outlook for these companies, signaling confidence in their future prospects.

Other companies, however, didn't fare as well and experienced reductions in their Q3 positions. Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc (ZBH) is one such company, with a massive 31.7% decrease in value, while CommScope Holding Co Inc (COMM) experienced a 46.8% drop. RackSpace Technology Inc (RXT) also saw a significant decline of 41.2% in Q3.

The report provides valuable insights to investors, giving them an idea of how certain companies are faring in the market. This information can be used to determine which companies are performing well and worth investing in and which ones are struggling.

In conclusion, Three Peaks Capital Management's Q2 vs. Q3 2021 13F holdings comparison report suggests a positive outlook for some companies and a rather bleak forecast for others. Investors can use this information to make informed decisions and optimize their portfolios to maximize their returns.

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