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KCS Wealth Advisory Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 19 July, 2023


The first and second quarters of 2023 saw some interesting changes in the holdings of KCS Wealth Advisory. In this blog post, we will explore the highlights from the 13F holdings comparison, analyzing the shifts in shares and values of various companies. Let's dive in!

Apple Inc (AAPL)

One of the most notable changes is the slight decrease in holdings of Apple Inc. In Q1 2023, KCS Wealth Advisory held 177,119 shares, which decreased to 175,951 shares in Q2 2023. However, the value of these shares increased from $29,206,000 to $34,129,000, indicating a positive performance.

Janus Detroit Str Tr (JAAA)

Janus Detroit Str Tr saw an increase in holdings from 285,098 shares in Q1 2023 to 304,215 shares in Q2 2023. The value of these shares also experienced growth from $14,115,000 to $15,165,000.

Vanguard Scottsdale FDS (VGSH)

Vanguard Scottsdale FDS holdings also underwent a significant change. The number of shares held increased from 192,112 in Q1 2023 to 232,766 in Q2 2023. The value of these shares rose from $11,246,000 to $13,437,000.

Microsoft Corp (MSFT)

KCS Wealth Advisory held 19,785 shares of Microsoft Corp in Q1 2023, which slightly increased to 19,929 shares in Q2 2023. The value of these shares also experienced growth from $5,704,000 to $6,786,000.

Goldman Sachs ETF TR (GSST)

One of the notable decreases in holdings is seen in Goldman Sachs ETF TR. KCS Wealth Advisory held 219,869 shares in Q1 2023, which decreased to 166,411 shares in Q2 2023. The value of these shares also declined from $10,979,000 to $8,303,000.


Overall, KCS Wealth Advisory's 13F holdings comparison for Q1 2023 and Q2 2023 showcases a mix of increases and decreases in holdings. While some companies observed growth in shares and values, others experienced slight decreases. These changes highlight the dynamic nature of the market and the importance of regularly reviewing and adjusting investment portfolios.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Investing in the stock market involves risks, and readers are advised to conduct their own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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