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KCS Wealth Advisory's Q4 2022 Holdings Comparison: Tech Stocks Down, Diversified Investments Up

Ava Hoppe | 18 April, 2023

As the third quarter of 2022 came to a close, KCS Wealth Advisory's 13F holdings showed a number of notable changes. With the release of the Q4 2022 holdings comparison, we can now get a better sense of what drove these changes and how they reflect the broader market shifts that occurred over that period.

One of the most significant changes was the decrease in holdings of Apple Inc. (AAPL). KCS Wealth Advisory sold 4,391 shares of the technology giant, representing an 8.3% decrease in their holdings. This move seems to reflect some uncertainty in the tech sector, as a number of other companies also saw their stocks decline during this period.

Another interesting change was the increase in holdings of Janus Detroit Str Tr (JAAA). KCS Wealth Advisory added 104,147 shares of the investment company, representing a 105.4% increase in their holdings. It's possible that this move reflects a growing interest in diversified investments that can help mitigate risk, as the market remains volatile.

Two other companies that saw significant changes in holdings were Vanguard Scottsdale Fds (VGSH) and Goldman Sachs ETF Tr (GSST). KCS Wealth Advisory increased their holdings of VGSH by 61.3%, adding 61,713 shares. At the same time, they increased their holdings of GSST by 46.4%, adding 51,646 shares. These moves may reflect a growing interest in fixed-income securities and other more conservative investments, again due to market uncertainty.

Other notable changes in KCS Wealth Advisory's Q4 2022 holdings comparison include:

- The increase in holdings of Novo-Nordisk A/S (NVO), as KCS Wealth Advisory added 3,435 shares, representing an 18.5% increase in their holdings.

- The increase in holdings of Cenovus Energy Inc (CVE/WS), as KCS Wealth Advisory added 76,820 shares, representing a 32.9% increase in their holdings.

- The decrease in holdings of Tortoise Energy Infra Corp (TYG), as KCS Wealth Advisory sold 21,918 shares, representing a 15.8% decrease in their holdings.

- The increase in holdings of BlackRock Inc (BLK), as KCS Wealth Advisory added 50 shares, representing a 31.6% increase in their holdings.

Overall, these changes reflect a mix of caution and opportunism on the part of KCS Wealth Advisory. By reducing holdings in some tech companies and increasing investments in more conservative options, they seem to be preparing for possible market volatility in the coming months. At the same time, by increasing holdings of certain companies, they may be positioning themselves to take advantage of any opportunities that arise as the market continues to shift.

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