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Marquette Asset Management Adjusts 13F Holdings with Stocks on the Rise

Ava Hoppe | 3 May, 2023

Marquette Asset Management has adjusted its holdings with a number of stocks on the rise, according to its fourth quarter (Q4) 2022 compared to its first quarter (Q1) 2023 report. The report details the percentage change of each holding in terms of shares and value, indicating a number of upward trends in the market.

One of the major takeaways from the report is that Schwab Strategic Trust stocks have seen a 13.8% increase in value with a total of 1,174,187 shares in Q4 2022. However, this dropped slightly to 1,139,407 shares in Q1 2023. Similarly, Schwab Strategic Trust is not alone in the upward trend as Schwab Strategic Trust, with 365,588 shares and 28.7% increase shows despite the shares' lack of option type.

Ishares TR, on the other hand, had a slight dip in value despite only losing 1,095 shares in Q1 2023 compared to Q3 2022. The shares were worth $32,303 in Q1 and $28,559 in Q4, a 13.1% increase. Victory Portfolios II also experienced a decrease dropping from 564,342 shares in Q4 to 541,176 shares in Q1, however it decreased in value by 3.3%.

The Q4 report shows Invesco Exchange Traded FD T shares remained relatively stable at 168,676, while their value dropped slightly from $25,572 to $25,479. Similarly, First TR Dow Jones Select MI's shares dipped to 87,734 from 85,927, representing a decrease of 5.3% in the company's value.

Dimensional ETF Trust (DFAI) has increased its share count from 844,641 in Q4 to 929,199 in Q1 - a considerable increase of 18.4%. Meanwhile, American Centy ETF TR's shares increased from 291,784 in Q4 to 314,221 in Q1 - demonstrating a 7% increase.

The report also shows a positive trend in Vanguard Index FDS' shares, with the company experiencing an 18.4% increase from 84,197 shares to 96,324 shares.

SPDR Ser TR's share count jumped from 209,788 in Q4 to 300,745 in Q1, signifying a considerable 55.3% increase. The American Centy ETF TR also saw an increase in shares, rising from 142,445 in Q4 to 187,450 in Q1, indicating a 39% increase in the company's stock count.

Other companies that showed an upward trend in stock shares and value in the report included SPDR Index Shs FDS and Vanguard Int'l Equity Index F.

In conclusion, Marquette Asset Management's Q1 2023 report revealed various stocks with significant gains and losses within their portfolio. The report suggests the market is experiencing an upswing, as demonstrated by the increase in share count and value of several stocks in different sectors. These results are worth monitoring, as they could potentially represent future opportunities for investment or indicate shifts in the market.

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