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Options Technology Partners with Pure Storage to Transform Data Services

Gracie Gottlieb | 31 October, 2023

London, New York, Hong Kong - Options Technology, a leading provider of Capital Markets services, has announced a new five-year global investment in Pure Storage. The partnership aims to provide faster and more cost-effective access to market data and accelerate the deployment of services worldwide.

As part of the extended partnership, Options Technology will optimize its storage solutions and double its petabyte-scale business in under four years. The investment will also enable the rollout of services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

To enhance its Data Platform, Options Technology will expand its investment in Pure Storage’s portfolio, including FlashBlade//S, the FlashArray product line, and Portworx. These technologies, supported by Pure Storage's storage-as-a-service offering Evergreen//One and its management platform Pure1, will ensure the performance, agility, efficiency, and data security of the Data Platform.

The strategic expansion is intended to support cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives within Options Technology's Data Platform, positioning the company as an industry leader in innovation and growth.

Danny Moore, President, and CEO of Options Technology, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "Our continued partnership and investment in Pure Storage is a truly monumental leap in revolutionizing data services for the global capital markets. With our strategic alliance, we are poised to deliver faster access to market data and unlock deeper data insights for our clients in emerging markets, enabling them to navigate the ever-evolving landscape with unprecedented precision and agility."

Alex McMullan, CTO, International at Pure Storage, emphasized the importance of timely access to accurate data in the financial services industry. He said, "When data becomes instantly accessible, it becomes a catalyst for informed decisions that support long-term results for end users. We're proud and privileged to support the Options Data Platform with our robust portfolio of technologies and solutions to deliver high-performance data services to capital markets organizations everywhere."

The partnership between Options Technology and Pure Storage is part of a series of exciting developments for Options Technology, including the announcement of ultra-low latency connectivity via StrataNet, seamless 100Gb OPRA data feed migrations, and a partnership with Raptor Trading Systems.

Options Technology is a leading provider of IT infrastructure to global Capital Markets firms. With over 550 clients worldwide, the company offers high-performance managed trading infrastructure and cloud-enabled managed services. Options Technology is focused on delivering an agile, scalable platform with investment bank-grade cybersecurity.

Pure Storage, on the other hand, is an IT pioneer that delivers advanced data storage technology and services. The company provides a cloud experience that simplifies data storage, empowering organizations to reduce complexity and costs. Pure Storage's portfolio includes innovative products and solutions that enable customers to meet changing data needs at speed and scale.

This partnership between Options Technology and Pure Storage is set to transform data services in the financial services industry, providing faster access to market data and unlocking deeper data insights for clients. With the support of Pure Storage's advanced technologies, Options Technology is poised for continued innovation and growth in the global capital markets.

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