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Parkside Advisors LLC Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 26 July, 2023


Investment firms regularly file Form 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), disclosing their holdings of publicly traded securities. The Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023 13F holdings comparison of Parkside Advisors LLC reveals interesting insights into their investment strategy and portfolio changes. In this article, we will analyze the significant changes in their holdings and discuss the potential implications for investors.

Analyzing the Holdings Comparison:


- Q1 2023: 248,525 shares

- Q2 2023: 223,905 shares

- Q1 2023 Value: $55,975,000

- Q2 2023 Value: $54,574,000

- Change: -2.5%

The holdings of ISHARES TR decreased by 2.5% between Q1 and Q2 2023. This reduction may indicate a reallocation of assets or a modification of their investment strategy.


- Q1 2023: 244,743 shares

- Q2 2023: 226,191 shares

- Q1 2023 Value: $28,794,000

- Q2 2023 Value: $26,070,000

- Change: -9.5%

Parkside Advisors LLC also decreased their holdings of ISHARES TR (IEI) by 9.5%. This change suggests a shift in their investment approach, possibly due to market conditions or revised investment goals.


- Q1 2023: 319,009 shares

- Q2 2023: 288,582 shares

- Q1 2023 Value: $22,815,000

- Q2 2023 Value: $20,922,000

- Change: -8.3%

The reduction in holdings of ISHARES TR (EFA) by 8.3% indicates a reevaluation of international equity exposure. Parkside Advisors LLC may have decided to trim their positions in this fund for various reasons, such as market conditions or portfolio rebalancing.


- Q1 2023: 479,514 shares

- Q2 2023: 514,862 shares

- Q1 2023 Value: $22,321,000

- Q2 2023 Value: $23,678,000

- Change: 6.1%

In contrast to the previous examples, Parkside Advisors LLC increased their holdings of VANGUARD SCOTTSDALE FDS (VMBS) by 6.1%. This change could signify a positive outlook on the bond market and a desire to increase fixed-income exposure.


- Q1 2023: 31,565 shares

- Q2 2023: 108,737 shares

- Q1 2023 Value: $4,167,000

- Q2 2023 Value: $16,525,000

- Change: 296.6%

Parkside Advisors LLC significantly increased their holdings of INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II (QQQM) by 296.6%. This substantial change suggests a high conviction in the fund's potential performance and aligns with a bullish market sentiment.


- Q1 2023: 9,301 shares

- Q2 2023: 135,881 shares

- Q1 2023 Value: $454,000

- Q2 2023 Value: $6,697,000

- Change: 1375.2%

The holdings of ISHARES INC (IEMG) witnessed an immense increase of 1375.2%. Such a significant change indicates Parkside Advisors LLC's confidence in the fund's potential growth and aligns with their investment thesis.


Parkside Advisors LLC's Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023 13F holdings comparison reveals interesting trends. While they reduced their holdings in some funds, they also increased their positions in others. This dynamic shift in their portfolio suggests a proactive approach to investment management, aiming to capitalize on potential opportunities and mitigate risks.

It is essential for investors to understand that the changes in holdings do not necessarily reflect the entire investment strategy of Parkside Advisors LLC. These holdings represent a particular period and may have been part of a broader investment objective. It is advisable for investors to conduct comprehensive research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions based on this analysis.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. We recommend consulting with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.

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