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Regulatory Compliance Made Easy: Ascent Technologies Joins Forces with Edgewater Equity Partners

Gracie Gottlieb | 18 January, 2024

Automation is revolutionizing the financial services industry, and regulatory compliance is no exception. Ascent Technologies, a leading provider of AI-enabled compliance automation solutions, announced its acquisition by Edgewater Equity Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston. This strategic partnership will propel Ascent's development of its compliance automation platform and bring even more value to its customers.

Edgewater Equity Partners was attracted to Ascent due to its position as a technology leader in solving compliance challenges. The firm recognizes the potential of Ascent's commitment to innovation and believes that AI-driven compliance automation can revolutionize the industry.

Chris Junker, CEO of Ascent, is optimistic about the future and excited to welcome Edgewater Equity Partners as a strategic partner. The firm's expertise in growing companies of Ascent's size will be invaluable as they expand their footprint in the compliance technology landscape. This acquisition solidifies Ascent's position as a leader in solving complex compliance challenges through automation.

The traditional compliance process involves manual reading and analysis of countless documents from various regulators. This time-consuming and expensive process leaves companies at risk of unknowingly being non-compliant. Ascent's platform replaces these slow processes with AI-enabled automation that monitors the regulatory landscape in real-time, identifies rule changes and obligations, and notifies stakeholders accordingly.

"Regulatory compliance is critical for today's companies," says Scott Goebel, Managing Partner at Edgewater Equity Partners. Non-compliance can result in severe legal consequences, reputational damage, and financial penalties. Ascent's patented AI technology is already delivering better business outcomes and lower costs, solidifying its position as the future of regulatory compliance.

With the backing of Edgewater Equity Partners, Ascent is well-positioned to accelerate the delivery of innovative compliance automation capabilities. Their focus goes beyond enhancing compliance team productivity and effectiveness; they strive to deliver real business outcomes, such as cost reduction and stronger risk avoidance.

About Ascent Technologies:

Ascent Technologies is a leading provider of compliance automation solutions that utilize artificial intelligence to streamline regulatory processes for financial services firms. With a dedication to innovation and excellence, Ascent empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance more effectively, reducing risk, streamlining operations, and managing costs.

About Edgewater Equity Partners:

Edgewater Equity Partners is a private equity firm specializing in strategic investments in regulatory, legal, and risk technology companies. With a focus on fostering growth and innovation, Edgewater Equity Partners seeks out companies with exceptional potential and partners with management to provide the necessary resources to thrive in today's evolving business landscape.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Ascent Technologies by Edgewater Equity Partners marks a significant milestone in the realm of compliance automation. With their combined expertise, they are poised to make regulatory compliance easier and more efficient for financial services companies. Ascent's innovative AI-enabled platform, coupled with Edgewater Equity Partners' strategic approach to investment, will undoubtedly shape the future of regulatory compliance and bring about positive business outcomes for their customers.

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