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Revolutionary Changes in Atalan Capital Partners' Q3 vs. Q4 2022 Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 2 May, 2023

The world of finance is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the recent changes in Atalan Capital Partners' Q3 and Q4 2022 holdings. This hedge fund has made significant moves in its portfolio, with some holdings seeing an impressive surge in value, while others have plummeted. In this blog post, we'll explore the most notable changes in the Atalan Capital Partners 13F holdings comparison between Q3 and Q4 2022.

First on the list is TransDigm Group Inc. (TDG), for which Atalan maintained the same number of shares in both Q3 and Q4 2022. However, the value of these shares saw a significant increase of 20%, from $158,977 to $190,731.

Similarly, Atalan chose to maintain its position in Visa Inc. (V), with an increase in value from $151,891 to $179,712, a gain of 18.3%. The hedge fund also held onto its shares of IQVIA Holdings Inc. (IQV), with a modest 13.9% increase in value to $153,667.

S&P Global Inc. (SPGI) was one of the biggest movers in Atalan's portfolio. While the fund held 275,000 shares in Q3 2022, it surged ahead to acquire 390,000 shares in Q4 2022. This change reflected a massive 55.6% increase in value, from $83,971 to $130,626.

Verisign Inc. (VRSN) followed a similar trend with a steady number of shares throughout both quarters but with an 18.3% increase in value from $107,694 to $127,372.

Another significant mover in Atalan's Q3 to Q4 2022 holdings was US Foods Holding Corp. (USFD). The fund maintained its holding of 3,600,000 shares but with a notable gain of 28.7% in value to $122,472.

Meanwhile, Fortinet Inc. (FTNT) moved up from zero shares in Q3 2022 to 1,375,000 shares in Q4 2022, valued at $67,223.

On the downside, Palo Alto Networks Inc. (PANW) saw a massive decrease in value. While Atalan held 605,000 shares in Q3 2022, it declined to 340,000 shares in Q4 2022, with the value dropping by 52.1% from $99,093 to $47,443.

Tempur Sealy International Inc. (TPX) saw a dramatic surge in the number of shares held by Atalan, from 100,000 to 500,000. The value of these shares also went up significantly, from $2,414 to $17,165, a boost of 611.1%.

PureCycle Technologies Inc. (PCT) saw a decrease in value by 50% as the fund went from holding 2,392,243 shares in Q3 to 1,428,570 shares in Q4 2022.

Realogy Group LLC/Realogy Co. saw Atalan add 10,000,000 shares of unknown value in Q4. Meanwhile, PureCycle Technologies Inc. (PCTTW) saw a small decrease of 15.3% in the value of Atalan's shares from $2,307 to $1,954.

Finally, Moodys Corp. (MCO) saw Atalan sell its 219,362 shares in Q3, with zero reported holdings in Q4. This represented a 100% decrease in value from $53,329 to zero.

In conclusion, Atalan Capital Partners' Q3 vs. Q4 2022 13F holdings comparison showed some significant changes in its portfolio. While some holdings saw an impressive surge in value, others experienced a drastic decline. As always, it's essential to monitor the market and stay up-to-date with these sorts of changes to make informed investment decisions.

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