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The Future of Fund Holdings: Gagnon Securities LLC Q4 2022 vs. Q1 2023

Ava Hoppe | 11 May, 2023

Gagnon Securities LLC recently released its Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 13F holdings report, offering insights into changes in the holdings of its fund. As investors look towards the future, this report offers a glimpse into how the market may evolve and what companies may be leading the way.

One notable change is the 1.5% increase in SHARES for AIR LEASE CORP (AL), going from 921,417 to 912,386. The Q4 2022 VALUE ($000) is 35,400, which has increased to 35,920 in Q1 2023. ENSIGN GROUP INC (ENSG) shares, however, remained largely unchanged at 323,180 in Q4 2022 and 323,178 in Q1 2023, with a VALUE ($000) of 30,576 and 30,876, respectively.

NAVIGATOR HOLDINGS LTD (NVGS) experienced a significant drop of 10.2% in CHG %, decreasing from 1,808,683 to 1,703,027 SHARES. However, the Q4 2022 VALUE ($000) is 21,631 and has increased to 23,842 in Q1 2023. PACIRA BIOSCIENCES (PCRX) shares also increased from 563,415 to 561,710, with a VALUE ($000) of 21,753 to 22,923, resulting in a 5.4% increase in CHG %.

CAREDX INC (CDNA) SHARES increased by 34.5% going from 1,495,746 to 2,013,813, with a VALUE ($000) of 17,066 in Q4 2022 and 18,406 in Q1 2023. ENTERPRISE PRODS PARTNERS (EPD) experienced a slight dip of 3.3% in SHARES, dropping from 767,247 to 691,002. This resulted in a VALUE ($000) of 18,506 in Q4 2022 and 17,896 in Q1 2023.

INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC (ISRG) shares decreased from 67,483 to 67,159, with a VALUE ($000) of 17,906 in Q4 2022 and 17,157 in Q1 2023. NEW RELIC INC (NEWR) experienced a notable 32.3% increase in CHG %, with an increase in SHARES from 218,339 to 216,641. The Q4 2022 VALUE ($000) of 12,325 had increased to 16,310 in Q1 2023.

PROFOUND MED CORP (PROF) SHARES decreased from 1,778,205 to 1,720,564, resulting in a VALUE ($000) of 19,364 in Q4 2022 to 15,984 in Q1 2023; a -17.5% decrease in CHG %. FIVE9 INC (FIVN) saw an increase of 7.5% in CHG %, going from 200,538 to 202,423 SHARES. The Q4 2022 VALUE ($000) of 13,608 had increased to 14,633 in Q1 2023.

E2OPEN PARENT HOLDINGS INC (ETWO) experienced a significant 61.6% increase in CHG %, with an increase in SHARES from 1,496,249 to 2,438,465, resulting in a Q4 2022 VALUE ($000) of 8,782 to 14,191 in Q1 2023. BIOLIFE SOLUTIONS INC (BLFS) also had a notable 38.4% increase in CHG %, going from 561,062 to 649,918 SHARES. The Q4 2022 VALUE ($000) of 10,211 had increased to 14,135 in Q1 2023.

There were several notable changes in holdings of Gagnon Securities LLC's Q4 2022 to Q1 2023 13F report. From increases in shares and values for AIR LEASE CORP and PACIRA BIOSCIENCES to a decrease in shares for NVGS, changes like these can offer insights into market shifts. As investors look towards the future, they can use this report to help guide their investment strategies.

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