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The Thrilling Transformations of Fine Capital Partners' Q3 vs Q4 2022 13F Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 25 April, 2023

Fine Capital Partners, L.P. has been garnering significant attention in the world of finance for its prolific investment strategies. The hedge fund recently released its Q3 vs Q4 2022 13F Holdings comparison, which has sparked a flood of discussions and debates in the financial community. The intriguing changes in holdings within the firm have caused investors to sit up and take notice. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating realm of Fine Capital Partners' holdings and explore the recent changes made by the firm.

Q3 2022 vs Q4 2022: A Brief Overview

Fine Capital Partners, L.P.'s Q3 holdings report indicated that the firm held 9367122 shares of LIGHT & WONDER INC (LNW) and 759692 shares of LIBERTY LATIN AMERICA LTD (LILAK). In contrast, the Q4 holdings report revealed that there was a significant reduction in holdings, with shares falling to 9326617 for LNW and an increase of shares to 864834 for LILAK.

LNW - The Queer Eye Bump

A standout feature of Fine Capital Partners' holdings report is the dramatic changes in LNW shares. The company's Q3 report reflected holdings of 9367122 shares, with a value of $401662 thousand. However, in Q4, the report revealed a significant decrease in shares, with only 9326617 shares recorded. This represents a 36.1% dip in holdings. The Q4 report's value of the LNW shares increased to $546539 thousand, which means there was still some amount of hope and trust in the company, which looks set to capitalize on the Queer Eye bump with its release of "Great Light, Great Wonder" in the coming year.

LILAK - An Encouraging Spike

While LNW shares' value fell in Q4 2022, LILAK significantly increased by 40.7%. In Q3, Fine Capital Partners held 759692 shares, valuing at $4672 thousand. However, the Q4 report shows an increase in holdings, with the firm now holding 864834 shares, worth $6572 thousand. With this sudden surge in holdings, it appears that Fine Capital Partners is bullish about LILAK’s future potential.


In conclusion, Fine Capital Partners' Q3 vs Q4 2022 13F Holdings comparison has attracted significant attention in the world of finance. It highlights a significant shift in the hedge fund's investment strategy, with the firm selling LNW shares but acquiring more LILAK. It will be fascinating to see how these changes play out in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead. One thing is sure, Fine Capital Partners' holds a winning streak and never fails to surprise us.

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