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The Top Stocks in Cerebellum GP's Q3 Portfolio: A Comparative Analysis

Ava Hoppe | 2 May, 2023

Cerebellum GP, LLC, a renowned investment management firm, has released its Q2 and Q3 2020 13F holdings comparison report that highlights the changes in the shares and value of its portfolio companies. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the firm's stocks, including big names like Microsoft, Amazon, and Walmart. In this article, we will delve into the top stocks in Cerebellum GP's Q3 portfolio and compare them to the Q2 holdings. We will also provide insights into why the firm made specific changes to its portfolio and what investors can learn from this analysis.

Microsoft Corporation – Shares Decreased by 79.8%

Microsoft was the most substantial holding of Cerebellum GP's Q2 2020 portfolio, with shares worth $134 million. However, the firm reduced its holdings by 79.8%, selling 1,247,000 shares and retaining only 315,000 shares worth $66 million in Q3 2020. The tech giant has been performing well in 2020 and has seen its valuation rise by more than 35%. However, Cerebellum GP's decision to decrease its holdings may have been influenced by the high valuation of the company., Inc. – Shares Decreased by 64.4%

Cerebellum GP's holding in Amazon also decreased significantly in Q3 2020. The firm sold all 59,000 shares worth $69 million, reducing its stake by 64.4%. Amazon's revenue has increased substantially in 2020, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge in e-commerce sales. However, the company's valuation has been high, making it a potential risk for investors. Cerebellum GP's move to reduce its holdings may have been informed by the high valuation and the need to manage risk.

Walmart Inc. – Shares Increased by 70.8%

Cerebellum GP increased its holdings in Walmart by 70.8%, buying an additional 215,000 shares worth $17 million. Walmart has been performing well in 2020, with its e-commerce sales soaring by 97% in Q2 2020. The company's solid fundamentals and spot-on execution may have inspired Cerebellum GP to increase its holdings in Walmart.

Humana Inc. – Shares Increased by 53.8%

Cerebellum GP bought 56,000 shares of Humana Inc. in Q3 2020, increasing its holdings by 53.8%. The purchase was worth $10 million, and the company now owns a total of 160,000 shares with a value of $26 million. Humana is a well-established healthcare company that has shown stable growth in recent years. The purchase may have been inspired by the company's solid fundamentals and stable growth.

Final Thoughts

Cerebellum GP's Q3 portfolio changes reveal crucial insights that investors can use to optimize their investment strategies. By analyzing the changes in holdings, investors can identify trends, understand market risks, and make informed decisions. The firm's significant decrease in holdings for Microsoft and Amazon suggests a cautious approach to investing in high valuation companies. Conversely, the increase in holdings in Walmart and Humana shows a preference for well-established companies with stable growth rates. Investors can learn from the firm's approach to portfolio management and tailor their investments accordingly.

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