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Van Hulzen Asset Management's Q4 2022 vs. Q1 2023 Holdings Comparison: Which Companies Saw Increases and Decreases in Shares and Value?

Ava Hoppe | 8 May, 2023

Van Hulzen Asset Management, LLC is an investment management company whose portfolio includes various stocks across different sectors. According to the latest 13F filings, their holdings have changed between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. Let's take a closer look at the companies where Van Hulzen Asset Management has increased or decreased their shares and value.

Increased Shares and Value

Apple Inc (AAPL) and Microsoft Corp (MSFT) are both technology giants that have seen an increase in shares and value in Van Hulzen Asset Management's portfolio. AAPL's shares increased by 109,488 and its value surged by $30,034, which is a 68.4% change. While MSFT's shares added 24,999 and value increased by $13,282, or 44.9% change. The surge in value and shares can be attributed to the overall success of the technology sector in recent years, particularly in Q1 2023.

Other notable companies where Van Hulzen Asset Management increased shares and value include Arista Networks Inc (ANET), which saw an incredible increase of 107,983 shares, resulting in a value spike of $20,490, or a 7,317.9% change. T-Mobile US Inc's (TMUS) shares also rose by 44,241, with a value increase of $6,923, or a 50.8% change. This is expected as TMUS has been performing well in the telecommunications industry with its recent mergers and acquisitions.

Decreased Shares and Value

Despite being a major player in the healthcare sector, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) saw a decrease in shares of 39,032 and a value decrease of $3,626, or a 15.6% change. One of the possible reasons for the decrease is because of the company's legal issues in recent years, including the recall of their talc-based baby powder, which has affected their reputation and sales.

Another company where Van Hulzen Asset Management decreased its shares and value is Qualcomm Inc (QCOM). QCOM saw a substantial decrease in shares by 1,008, resulting in a value drop of $9,839, or a -54% change. This could be due to the company's legal battles with Apple Inc., its largest customer that accounted for a large portion of its revenue.


Van Hulzen Asset Management's Q4 2022 vs. Q1 2023 13F Holdings Comparison demonstrates the company's investment strategy and outlook in various sectors. While some companies have seen an increase in shares and value, others have experienced a decrease. It's essential to keep in mind that changes in holdings don't necessarily reflect the company's long-term outlook and can be impacted by a variety of internal and external factors.

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