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Walter Global Asset Management Expands Presence in the United States through Partnership with Madryn Asset Management

Gracie Gottlieb | 30 January, 2024

Walter Global Asset Management (Walter GAM) has announced its partnership with Madryn Asset Management, a prominent asset management firm specializing in innovative healthcare companies. This strategic move by Walter GAM not only expands its presence in the United States but also strengthens its portfolio in the asset management industry.

Madryn Asset Management has a successful track record in providing structured debt and equity solutions to commercial-stage healthcare growth companies. With over US$1 billion in capital deployed, they have built strong relationships with institutional investors across North America and Europe.

The CEO and Founding Partner of Walter GAM, Sylvain Brosseau, expressed admiration for Madryn's investment expertise and their solid relationships with institutional investors. He believes that Madryn, with its exceptional team of life sciences and financial experts, is primed to capitalize on their growth potential.

The Managing Partner at Madryn Asset Management, Avinash Amin, expressed delight in the new partnership with Walter GAM. He highlighted the opportunity to leverage Walter GAM's expertise to scale their platform, engage with new investors, and diversify their offerings in the healthcare sector. Amin looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Walter GAM.

John Ricciardi, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer at Madryn, praised the team's efforts in building a strong foundation and implementing rigorous investment and operational processes. He expressed gratitude to their limited partners and emphasized their commitment to executing their strategy and generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Walter Global Asset Management, established in 2019, is a globally diversified private equity firm. They provide strategic expertise and development capital to high-potential investment managers, financial services, and wealth management firms in the asset management industry. Walter Global Asset Management operates based on true partnerships and is part of the Walter Group ecosystem, which has been thriving for almost 70 years.

Madryn Asset Management, LP, on the other hand, is a leading alternative asset management firm. They invest in innovative healthcare companies specializing in unique and transformative products, technologies, and services. Their independent research process and diverse experience in the investment management and healthcare industries enable them to target attractive economic opportunities and deliver strong risk-adjusted and absolute returns for their limited partners.

In conclusion, Walter Global Asset Management's partnership with Madryn Asset Management signifies a significant expansion of Walter GAM's presence in the United States. This collaboration allows both companies to leverage their respective expertise and resources, benefiting their clients and the asset management industry as a whole.

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