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Weatherbie Capital, LLC Q3 2016 vs. Q4 2016 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 10 May, 2023

In Q3 2016, Weatherbie Capital, LLC had significant holdings in various companies across multiple sectors. However, when compared to their Q4 2016 holdings, some notable changes occurred.

One of the companies that Weatherbie Capital, LLC increased their holdings in was Inc. Their shares rose from 306,158 to 369,298, an increase of 46.3%. The value of their holdings also increased from $28,935,000 to $42,340,000.

Another company that saw an increase in shares held by Weatherbie Capital, LLC was FirstService Corp. In Q3 2016, they held 702,865 shares, which increased to 838,033 in Q4 2016, a 21.3% increase. The value of their holdings increased from $32,810,000 to $39,790,000.

BofI Holding Inc. also saw an increase in shares held between Q3 2016 and Q4 2016. Their shares rose from 1,015,508 to 1,209,512, a 51.8% increase. The value of the holdings also increased from $22,747,000 to $34,532,000.

On the other hand, there were companies that saw a drop in the number of shares held by Weatherbie Capital, LLC. One such company was Paysafe Group Holdings Ltd. In Q3 2016, they held 1,612,742 shares, but in Q4 2016, this dropped to 0, resulting in a change of -100%. Their holdings also decreased in Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., where the shares held dropped from 108,557 to 543,395, resulting in a reduction of 125.2%.

Another company that saw a reduction in shares was The RealReal Inc. In Q4 2016, Weatherbie Capital, LLC held no shares of the company, down from the 346,536 in Q3 2016, which resulted in a reduction of 100%. Similarly, Fleetmatics Group was another company that saw a reduction in shares held from 296,854 to 0, a 100% drop.

In conclusion, these changes in holdings demonstrate that Weatherbie Capital, LLC is actively managing its portfolio and making adjustments to improve their positions. Although there were some significant drops in shareholdings, there were also companies where their holdings increased substantially, indicating that the firm is continually looking for growth opportunities.

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