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Reported Holdings Of The
Granite Investment Partners LLC


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 7, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option Inc (023135106) 17,988 $34,063k
APPFOLIO INC COM CL A (03783C100) 246,371 $25,196k
AMERICAN STS WTR CO (029899101) 297,772 $22,404k
Acushnet Holdings Corp. (005098108) 745,225 $19,570k
Alphabet Inc (02079K107) 17,244 $18,639k
BROOKS AUTOMATION (114340102) 438,486 $16,991k
Albany International Corp (012348108) 201,183 $16,680k
Apple Inc (037833100) 74,491 $14,743k
APPIAN CORP CL A (03782L101) 384,129 $13,856k
BLOOM ENERGY CORP CL A COM (093712107) 1,077,185 $13,217k
BOINGO WIRELESS IN (09739C102) 699,148 $12,564k
BlackRock, Inc. (09247X101) 25,650 $12,038k
ADP (053015103) 58,889 $9,736k
ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS INC CO (015351109) 68,127 $8,923k
BECTON DICKINSON (075887109) 29,968 $7,552k
Booking Holdings, Inc. (09857L108) 3,598 $6,745k
Applied Materials, Inc. (038222105) 123,055 $5,526k
ABBOTT LABS (002824100) 62,923 $5,292k
ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC (016255101) 19,105 $5,229k
ALPHABET INC (02079K305) 4,259 $4,612k
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (084670702) 19,114 $4,075k
ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC (00507V109) 68,697 $3,242k
ACI WORLDWIDE INC (004498101) 87,316 $2,998k
BLACKBAUD INC (09227Q100) 35,465 $2,961k
3M CO (88579Y101) 15,216 $2,638k
AXOGEN INC COM (05463X106) 130,960 $2,593k
Bright Horizon Family Solution (109194100) 15,259 $2,302k
ABBVIE INC (00287Y109) 30,743 $2,236k
AptarGroup, Inc. (038336103) 17,906 $2,226k
AQUA AMERICA INC (03836W103) 42,055 $1,740k
Boeing Co/The (097023105) 4,721 $1,718k
AMERICAN ASSETS TRUST INC (024013104) 35,303 $1,663k
BANK HAWAII CORP (062540109) 17,544 $1,455k
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (110122108) 31,398 $1,424k
AMGEN INC (031162100) 7,625 $1,405k
APERGY CORP (03755L104) 29,567 $992k
Ambarella Inc (G037AX101) 21,861 $965k
BIOLIFE SOLUTIONS (09062W204) 48,218 $817k
AXONICS MODULATION TECH INC (05465P101) 16,550 $678k
AGILYSYS INC (00847J105) 27,803 $597k
AT&T INC (00206R102) 17,379 $582k
AMER SOFTWARE INC (029683109) 41,399 $544k
BLACKROCK CORPOR HI YLD FD I (09255P107) 44,556 $478k
ALTRIA GROUP INC (02209S103) 8,829 $418k
BP PLC (055622104) 8,762 $365k
ANADARKO PETE (032511107) 5,077 $358k
American Express Co. (025816109) 2,150 $265k
ACME UTD CORP (004816104) 11,359 $256k
A-MARK PRECIOUS METALS (00181T107) 14,762 $193k
Aspen Group (04530L203) 44,633 $170k
ALPHA PRO TECH LTD (020772109) 44,141 $151k
ADAMAS PHARMACEUTICALS INC (00548A106) 20,004 $124k
Calyxt Inc (13173L107) 1,409 $18k

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