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Reported Holdings Of The
Stieven Capital Advisors LP


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 9, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
CITIZENS FINANCIAL (174610105) 600,536 $21,235k
FIFTH THIRD BANCORP (316773100) 755,510 $21,079k
CITIGROUP INC (172967424) 295,900 $20,722k
TFS FINL CORP (87240R107) 1,099,882 $19,875k
FIRST INTERNET BANCORP (320557101) 816,676 $17,591k
PACIFIC PREMIER BANC (69478X105) 561,042 $17,325k
ZIONS BANCORPORATION N.A. (989701107) 369,629 $16,996k
First Bancshares, Inc. (318916103) 559,871 $16,986k
WESTERN ALLIANCE BANCORP (957638109) 376,000 $16,815k
KEYCORP (493267108) 895,200 $15,890k
Bank of America Corp. (060505104) 528,700 $15,332k
HANCOCK WHITNEY CORPORATION CO (410120109) 352,238 $14,111k
SVB FINANCIAL GROUP (78486Q101) 61,988 $13,922k
PACWEST BANCORP DEL (695263103) 357,314 $13,875k
PREFERRED BK LOS ANGELES CA (740367404) 290,972 $13,748k
SYNOVUS FINL CORP COM NEW (87161C501) 388,363 $13,593k
INDEPENDENT BANK G (45384B106) 237,911 $13,076k
VERITEX HLDGS INC (923451108) 482,070 $12,510k
PayPal Holdings Inc (70450Y103) 96,200 $11,011k
EAST WEST BANCORP (27579R104) 233,835 $10,936k
MASTERCARD INC (57636Q104) 40,500 $10,713k
VISA INC COM CL A (92826C839) 61,500 $10,673k
FNB CORP (302520101) 883,091 $10,394k
JEFFERIES FINANCIAL (47233W109) 523,320 $10,063k
Origin Bancorp Inc. (68621T102) 300,000 $9,900k
BANK OZK (06417N103) 299,900 $9,024k
HERITAGE FINL CORP WASH (42722X106) 303,168 $8,956k
FIRST BANCORP PUERTO RICO (318672706) 805,786 $8,896k
INVESTAR HLDG CORP (46134L105) 358,490 $8,550k
FIDELITY NATL INFO (31620M106) 69,000 $8,465k
Old Second Bancorp, Inc. (680277100) 660,980 $8,441k
OPUS BK IRVINE CALIF COM (684000102) 398,679 $8,416k
Banner Corp (06652V208) 150,470 $8,148k
CHEMICAL FINL CORP (163731102) 195,539 $8,039k
ALLEGIANCE BANCSHARES INC COM (01748H107) 239,008 $7,969k
AXOS FINL INC (05465C100) 284,297 $7,747k
UMPQUA HLDGS CORP (904214103) 449,874 $7,463k
Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. (88224Q107) 116,124 $7,127k
CAMBRIDGE BANCORP (132152109) 86,271 $7,031k
FIRST BANK WILLIAMS (31931U102) 593,422 $6,967k
COMMUNITY BANKERS TRUST CORP (203612106) 803,506 $6,806k
OP BANCORP (67109R109) 582,584 $6,315k
LAKELAND FINANCIAL CORP (511656100) 131,707 $6,168k
CAROLINA FINANCIAL CORP (143873107) 154,629 $5,426k
WINTRUST FINL CORP (97650W108) 72,837 $5,329k
INDEPENDENT BANK CORP - MICH (453838609) 229,620 $5,003k
SmartFinancial, Inc. (83190L208) 219,658 $4,764k
SB FINANCIAL GROUP (78408D105) 270,860 $4,458k
COMMUNITY WST BKSHRS (204157101) 454,760 $4,388k
OLD POINT FINL CORP (680194107) 175,357 $3,867k
MACKINAC FINL CORP (554571109) 243,390 $3,846k
Middlefield Banc Corp. (596304204) 70,025 $2,871k
1ST CONSTITUTION BANCORP (31986N102) 140,640 $2,598k
SELECT BANCORP INC NEW (81617L108) 224,499 $2,568k
CONDOR HOSPITALITY TRUST INC (20676Y403) 270,192 $2,451k
BRIDGEWATER BANCSHARES INC (108621103) 144,283 $1,665k
TRICO BANCSHARES (896095106) 31,321 $1,184k

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