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WORM Capital LLC is legally known as WORM CAPITAL, LLC. It is a CA Limited Liability Company. This firm has 4 employees, of which 4 are employees in advisory roles. The number of clients served by it is unknown. The firm's last reported SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) status is listed as “Approved”, with a registration date of Jul 15, 2016.

Worm Capital
Worm Capital

About Philosophy Process & Strategies Contact Insights AboutPhilosophyProcess & StrategiesContactInsights Scroll   Worm Capital is an investment management firm with a focus on equity-oriented strategies. Our team is comprised of passionate investors and researchers who are excited about what the …

Worm Capital - Harvest
Worm Capital - Harvest

Worm Capital, LLC (Worm Capital) is an investment management firm with a focus on equity-oriented strategies. We analyze industries that are experiencing a wave of disruptive forces.

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