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7 Funds that bet on Tesla stock going up

Ava Hoppe | 3 October, 2019

We have recently started analyzing the 13F filings for the hedge funds in our database. And few things stood out to us. We decided to start our blog section by reviewing the most shorted stocks.

Put option, known as short-selling is a bet against a share. It’s done by borrowing shares from investors who own them, selling them at the current market worth, and expecting to buy them back, in order to return to the original owner, once the price declined.

The most shorted stock according to the recent 13F filings is Tesla. Its shares were shorted by 32 hedge funds for the value of close to one and half billion.

But what is more interesting in our view are the 7 funds that actually bought a Call option on Tesla. A call option is the opposite of the put option. The buyer is expecting the price to go up.

The sum total of their call option position is 168 Million. That means for each dollar in the call options there is 9 dollars invested in put options.

Here are the 7 funds that have call options on Tesla:

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