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Analyzing Tiger Legatus Capital Management's 13F Holdings from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022

Ava Hoppe | 23 April, 2023

Tiger Legatus Capital Management, LLC recently released its 13F holdings report, detailing its changes in holdings from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022. The report shows interesting shifts in stocks held by the firm, with some being sold off entirely, while others saw substantial increases in shares held.

One significant change observed was the firm's reduction in shares held in Patria Investments Limited, dropping from 1,434,137 shares to 1,040,000 shares, resulting in a 20.3% decrease in the value of its holdings. However, the firm made up for this loss by buying an additional 1,040,000 shares in the same company during Q1 2022, resulting in a 1,192.5% increase in the value of its holdings.

Tiger Legatus Capital Management also showed interest in the healthcare industry, with a remarkable increase in shares held in Tenet Healthcare Corp from none at all to 162,000 shares in Q1 2022. This purchase resulted in holdings valued at $13,926, giving a clear indication of the firm's expectations from the business.

Another observable trend was the firm's slight decrease in shares held in Expedia Group Inc, dropping from 57,500 shares to 26,200 shares in Q1 2022. This change represented a 50.7% reduction in the value of its holdings.

Also noteworthy was the firm's decrease in call options for Zynga Inc, dropping from 855,000 shares to none, representing a 100% decrease. Furthermore, the firm sold all its shares in Apollo Global Management Inc, Restaurant Brands International Inc, and Zynga Inc during Q1 2022.

In conclusion, Tiger Legatus Capital Management, LLC's 13F holdings report showed intriguing changes in holdings from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, demonstrating the firm's flexibility and willingness to explore new investments while selling off holdings that are not performing well.

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