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Arbiter Partners Capital Management Q3-Q4 13F Holdings Review: Tesla Plunges and Liberty Latin America Surges

Ava Hoppe | 5 May, 2023

Arbiter Partners Capital Management just released their Q3-Q4 13F holdings report, and the changes are quite interesting. The report shows that the fund has cut its stake in Tesla significantly while increasing its holdings in Liberty Latin America. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the changes in holdings of the fund.

According to the report, Arbiter Partners has reduced its stake in Tesla by a whopping 86.8%. In Q3 2022, the fund held 209,400 shares of the electric vehicle manufacturer, but that number plunged to just 59,400 shares in Q4 2022. The value of the shares also dropped from $55,543,000 to $7,316,000. It's unclear why the fund decided to reduce its position in Tesla, but it could be due to concerns over the company's future prospects.

On the other hand, Arbiter Partners increased its holdings in Liberty Latin America by 23.6%. The fund held 1,274,572 shares of the Latin American telecommunications company in Q4 2022 compared to 1,274,580 shares in Q3 2022. The value of the shares also rose from $7,839,000 to $9,687,000. It's not surprising that the fund increased its position in the company, considering that Liberty Latin America has been performing well in the last few years.

Another notable change is the fund's investment in Beyond Meat. Arbiter Partners increased its stake in the plant-based meat substitute company by 69.2%. In Q3 2022, the fund held 90,000 shares of Beyond Meat, but that number surged to 175,200 shares in Q4 2022. The value of the shares also rose from $1,275,000 to $2,156,000. This move could be due to increased demand for plant-based foods and the growth potential of Beyond Meat in the market.

Arbiter Partners also decreased its stake in some companies, including Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings, which dropped by 13.4%, and MGIC Investment Corp, which fell by 30.2%. The fund also sold out its entire stake in some companies like CoreBridge Financial Inc and Transocean Ltd.

In conclusion, the changes in holdings of Arbiter Partners Capital Management LLC in Q3-Q4 13F Holdings show that the company is adjusting its portfolio to reflect its outlook for various stocks. While the fund has cut its stake in Tesla significantly, it's clear that Arbiter Partners sees potential in companies like Liberty Latin America and Beyond Meat. Investors may want to keep an eye on these holdings and adjust their own portfolios accordingly.

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