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D.B. Root & Company, LLC Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 23 July, 2023

A Shift in Holdings: A Closer Look at D.B. Root & Company's Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023 Changes

In the realm of finance, monitoring changes in fund holdings is crucial for gaining insights into market trends and investment strategies. One such report, known as the 13F filing, provides a snapshot of a fund's holdings during a specific quarter. D.B. Root & Company, LLC recently released its Q1 2023 and Q2 2023 13F Holdings Comparison. This report highlights the changes in holdings between the two quarters, offering a valuable glimpse into the company's investment decisions.

J P Morgan Tops the List:

J P Morgan Exchange Traded Fund (JCPB) emerged as the clear leader in terms of a significant increase in holdings. During these two quarters, the company witnessed a 4.3% rise in shares, with Q1 holdings at 712,531 shares, and Q2 holdings at 756,009 shares. This increase reflects a positive sentiment towards J P Morgan's exchange-traded fund.

Schwab Strategic TR Continues to Thrive:

Another notable change in holdings was seen in Schwab Strategic TR (SCHX). With a 11.4% increase in shares from Q1 to Q2, the company showcases consistent growth and investor confidence. Q1 holdings stood at 303,854 shares, which rose to 312,749 shares in Q2.

Vanguard Specialized Funds Holds Steady:

When it comes to stability, Vanguard Specialized Funds (VIG) maintained a relatively consistent position. Despite a marginal decrease of 0.8% in shares, the overall change was insignificant. Q1 holdings stood at 64,904 shares, whereas Q2 holdings slightly dipped to 64,670 shares.

Vanguard Index FDS Experiences a Minor Setback:

On the other hand, Vanguard Index FDS (VTI) experienced a slight decrease during this period. The fund witnessed a 6.1% decline in shares, with Q1 holdings at 50,924 shares, dropping down to 44,292 shares in Q2. While these numbers indicate a setback, the impact is relatively minuscule and may be a part of regular portfolio adjustments.

Apple Inc Remains Strong:

As expected, one of the leading tech companies, Apple Inc (AAPL), showcased resilience with a 15.9% increase in its Q2 holdings. The fund's Q1 holdings of 49,439 shares rose to 48,727 shares in Q2, demonstrating consistent investor confidence in Apple's growth potential.

Schwab Strategic TR Sees Modest Gains:

Schwab Strategic TR (SCHB) experienced a 4.9% increase in shares, highlighting the fund's continued growth. Q1 holdings were reported at 172,208 shares and subsequently rose to 167,272 shares in Q2.

Other Noteworthy Changes:

Several other companies experienced noteworthy changes in their holdings over this period. These changes include both positive and negative percentage changes, signifying varying investor sentiments towards individual stocks.

Analyzing and interpreting these changes in holdings is a valuable exercise for investors and financial professionals. While changes in holdings do not guarantee future performance, they provide valuable insights into market trends and investment strategies. As investment decisions are made based on multiple factors, tracking these changes offers a glimpse into the decision-making processes of fund managers.

It is important to note that the content of this blog post is solely for informational purposes and does not indicate any specific investment advice.

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