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Fortune Favors the Bold: Fundsmith LLP's Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 13F Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 7 May, 2023

Fundsmith LLP, like any other renowned investment management firm, has once again filed its quarterly 13F holdings. It's always interesting to see how investment firms invest their clients' individual equities, common stocks, and other securities. No data can compare the insights gained from these filings, which show the evolution of the market and the preferences of the main investors. Fundsmith LLP's Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 13F holdings comparison highlights some new high-profile stakes and trimming down of some positions. Let's dive in and examine how they performed in the last quarter and what impact these changes might have on their Portfolios.

Microsoft Corp (MSFT)

Fundsmith LLP has trimmed its position in Microsoft Corp (MSFT) from 9284614 shares in Q3 2022 to 9030036 shares in Q4 2022. The technology giant remains in their portfolio as the largest proportion of their holdings, however, this reduction of 2.74% in shares is noticeable.

Despite that, MSFT reported that its revenue had grown by 22% YoY to reach $46.2 billion. Therefore, Fundsmith LLP could still reap profits despite reducing its shares.

Philip Morris International (PM)

Fundsmith LLP increased its stake in Philip Morris International to 16476088 shares.

PM reported strong financial performance in Q3 2022, with net revenues totaling $21.7 billion, up by 11.5% YoY. Their shares rose by 2.12% YoY, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for Fundsmith LLP.

Stryker Corp (SYK)

Fundsmith LLP maintained its position in Stryker Corp (SYK), with a minor change from 5628569 shares in Q3 2022 to 5607041 in Q4 2022.

SYK has provided yearly returns of up to 23%, thanks to the company's strong fundamentals in the medical device industry. Fundsmith LLP sees the security's long-term potential and maintains its position, despite the reduced shares.

MetLife Inc (META)

Fundsmith LLP reduced its position in MetLife Inc (META) from 5480284 shares in Q3 2022 to 5476865 shares in Q4 2022.

META had an impressive quarter showing that the insurance industry can hold its own in any market environment. Net revenues for this company were $24.2 billion, up by 7.2% YoY.

However, with the reduced shares stake and the recent decline in the security's price, Fundsmith LLP may have enough reasons to reconsider their investment in the future. Inc (AMZN)

Fundsmith LLP trimmed its position in Inc (AMZN) from 6784322 shares in Q3 2022 to 6777831 shares in Q4 2022, a reduction of only 0.1%.

Amazon didn't perform as well as expected in the last quarter. This underperformance is evident in its revenue growth, which dropped by 10% YoY, and its shares declined by 22.5% YoY.

Paycom Software Inc (PAYC)

Fundsmith LLP maintained its position in Paycom Software Inc (PAYC), with an insignificant decrease in shares from 161308 in Q3 2022 to 161007 in Q4 2022.

PAYC has provided investors with an impressive return of up to 20% YoY, primarily driven by its secure and reliable cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software.


In summary, Fundsmith LLP's Q3 2022 vs. Q4 2022 13F holdings comparison reveals several significant changes in their portfolio. They increased some positions, maintained others with a reduction in shares, and reduced others. While it's too early to judge the impact of these changes on their portfolio, it seems like Fundsmith LLP's investment strategy is focused on long-term potential. This keeps their clients' investments secure in the ever-volatile market environment.

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