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Genesis Asset Managers, LLP: A Look at Q1 vs. Q2 2019 13F Holdings

Ava Hoppe | 14 May, 2023

Genesis Asset Managers, LLP recently released their Q1 and Q2 2019 13F holdings, which show a comparison between how the company’s shares and values changed between the two quarters. The 13F form is a quarterly report that must be filed by institutional investment managers with over $100 million in assets under management, in accordance with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Genesis Asset Managers, LLP's 13F holdings and analyze the changes that occurred in their top holdings.

Top Holdings

As per the 13F filing, eight out of twenty holdings of Genesis showed decrease in holding value. The top holding of the asset manager, Alibaba Group Holding LTD - ADS (BABA), decreased by 2.9% in the second quarter. The holding was valued at around $746,018 in Q1 2019 but decreased to $724,346 in Q2 2019. Inc (WUBA), another top holding, also showed a decrease in the percentage of shares held and their value. During the first quarter, Genesis held 7,848,843 shares valued at around $515,512. In the second quarter, their shares decreased by 3.9% to 7,971,754, and the holding value declined to $495,604.

New Oriental Ed & Tech GRP 1 SPON (EDU), a popular educational service provider in China, showed an even more significant decrease. Genesis held 5,053,740 shares valued at around $455,291 in Q1 2019, but their holding value decreased to $439,437 in Q2 2019 - a decline of 3.5% in the percentage of shares held and their value.

Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH) was one of the few top holdings that showed an increase in equity holding. Genesis increased its equity holding in the company between the quarters by roughly 15%, from 4,443,500 shares worth $321,932 in Q1 2019 to 5,129,800 shares worth $325,178 in Q2 2019.

Compiling the changes in Genesis’ 13F holdings, we can conclude that the asset manager demonstrated a shifting strategy between Q1 and Q2 2019. Although there were ups and downs in the percentage of shares held and the value, we can see that Genesis shows a steady hand of selling off holdings that do not align with their strategy. At the same time, they have increased equity holding in companies that show potential.


In conclusion, Genesis Asset Managers, LLP’s Q1 vs. Q2 2019 13F holdings shows a shift in strategy by the asset manager. Out of the top twenty holdings, eight showed a decrease in value, while twelve showed an increase. By understanding the shift in holdings, we can see that Genesis Asset Managers, LLP is investing for the long-term and will look to provide returns to its investors by holding on to the companies it thinks are best positioned for growth.

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