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Redmond Asset Management, LLC Q2 2023 vs. Q3 2023 13F Holdings Comparison

Ava Hoppe | 2 November, 2023

Redmond Asset Management, LLC has released its latest 13F holdings, comparing the second quarter of 2023 with the third quarter of the same year. The comparison reveals interesting changes in holdings, giving investors an insight into the shift in the firm's portfolio. Let's take a closer look at some of the notable changes.

Markel Group Inc (MKL)

- In Q2 2023, Redmond Asset Management held 5,899 shares of Markel Group Inc, which decreased to 5,798 shares in Q3 2023. The value of the holdings also changed from $8,159,000 to $8,537,000, representing a 4.6% decrease.


- Redmond Asset Management's holdings in XPO Inc also saw a decrease from Q2 to Q3. The firm held 113,569 shares in Q2, which decreased to 111,533 shares in Q3, representing a 24.3% decrease. The value of the holdings increased from $6,700,000 to $8,327,000.

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)

- Redmond Asset Management's holdings in JPMorgan Chase & Co remained relatively unchanged from Q2 to Q3. The firm held 51,749 shares in both quarters, with a slight change in value from $7,526,000 to $7,498,000, representing a 0.4% decrease.

Watsco Inc (WSO)

- Redmond Asset Management decreased its holdings in Watsco Inc from 20,721 shares in Q2 to 19,243 shares in Q3. The value of the holdings also decreased from $7,904,000 to $7,268,000, representing an 8% decrease.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del (BRK-B)

- Redmond Asset Management's holdings in Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del remained relatively stable, with 19,803 shares in Q2 and 19,765 shares in Q3. The value of the holdings increased slightly from $6,752,000 to $6,923,000, representing a 2.5% increase.

These are just a few examples of the changes in Redmond Asset Management's holdings. The full 13F holdings comparison reveals more insights into the firm's investment strategy and provides valuable information for investors. It's important to note that 13F filings are required by institutional investment managers, providing transparency in their holdings and enabling investors to make informed decisions.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available data and does not constitute financial advice. Investors should conduct their own research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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