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**Title:** The Successful Exit of New Heritage Capital: Revela Foods Acquired by ADM

Gracie Gottlieb | 24 January, 2024

Content: New Heritage Capital ("Heritage") recently celebrated the successful exit of its investment in Revela Foods ("Revela" or the "Company"). ADM, a Fortune 50 global human and pet nutrition company, acquired Revela to expand its offering of flavor ingredient solutions. This exciting development marks a significant milestone for both companies. Revela Foods, formed through the merger of Welcome Dairy and Gamay Food Ingredients in 2016, is headquartered in New Berlin, WI. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative dairy flavor ingredients and solutions. Leveraging its cutting-edge enzyme technology, Revela has created a wide range of clean label dairy flavor formulations for various applications, including snacks, frozen meals, sauces, dressings, soups, seasonings, and desserts. With approximately 400 employees and three state-of-the-art production facilities in the U.S. Midwest, Revela has experienced rapid growth under the guidance of Heritage. Working closely with the Revela management team, Heritage executed a comprehensive strategic and operational growth plan. This partnership resulted in remarkable success, positioning Revela for continued expansion and long-term prosperity. Terry Schneider, CEO of Revela Foods, expressed his gratitude for Heritage's support throughout the transformative journey. Over the past few years, Revela has strengthened its management team, diversified its product capabilities, implemented a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, rebranded the company, and completed a significant acquisition. All of these efforts have contributed to substantial growth and an impressive market presence. Schneider proudly highlighted the accomplishments achieved together with Heritage. Melissa Barry, a Partner at Heritage, emphasized the firm's strength in partnering with exceptional businesses like Revela. By unlocking their full potential, Heritage enables companies to become innovative leaders in their industries. Transforming Revela from a founder-owned dairy ingredients business into an influential flavor solutions provider showcases Heritage's commitment to fostering growth and development. The successful exit of the investment in Revela Foods marks another triumph for New Heritage Capital. With its more than twenty-year history of collaborating with growing, middle-market, founder-owned businesses, Heritage has built a reputation for its innovative investment structures, such as the Private IPO®. This unique approach provides founders with liquidity and growth capital while allowing them to retain control over their businesses. Heritage's expertise in managing growth ensures that its partners receive strategic, operational, and financial guidance to achieve their growth objectives. The firm's dedication to empowering companies to reach new heights sets it apart in the private equity industry. The transaction was facilitated by notable advisors in the industry. Houlihan Lokey and Lincoln International served as financial advisors, while Choate Hall & Stewart, LLP, and Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. acted as legal advisors to both Revela and Heritage. Their contributions were invaluable in orchestrating a smooth and successful acquisition. New Heritage Capital continues to make its mark in the private equity landscape, partnering with exceptional businesses to drive growth, success, and industry leadership. To learn more about New Heritage Capital and its commitment to empowering growing companies, please visit In conclusion, the exit of New Heritage Capital's investment in Revela Foods represents a significant achievement for both companies. With ADM's acquisition, Revela can further expand its flavor ingredient solutions offering and solidify its position as an innovative leader in the industry. The successful partnership between Heritage and Revela has demonstrated the power of collaboration and strategic guidance in unlocking a company's full potential. As New Heritage Capital continues to support and empower founder-owned businesses, their legacy of success continues to grow.

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