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Reported Holdings Of The
Deerfield Management Company LP Series C


Period of report: Jun 30, 2019
Effectiveness Date: Aug 14, 2019

Security Shares Held / Principal Amount Market Value Option
HORIZON THERAPEUTICS PLC (G46188101) 6,462,634 $155,491k
HORIZON PHARMA INVESTMENT LTD (44052TAB7) 136,032,000 $150,514k
MYLAN N V (n59465109) 7,464,327 $142,121k
ORCHARD THERAPEUTICS PLC (68570P101) 8,923,600 $124,841k
NEVRO CORP (64157FAA1) 115,776,000 $120,607k
Homology Medicines (438083107) 5,760,368 $112,730k
AERIE PHARMACEUTICALS INC (00771V108) 3,032,987 $89,625k
Intersect ENT Inc. (46071F103) 3,109,004 $70,761k
IMMUNOMEDICS INC (452907108) 4,985,383 $69,147k
Acceleron Pharma Inc (00434H108) 1,305,174 $53,617k
INSULET CORP 1.375 11/15/24 (45784PAH4) 36,650,000 $52,097k
BROOKDALE SENIOR LIVING INC (112463104) 7,207,239 $51,964k
RA PHARMACEUTICALS (74933V108) 1,713,000 $51,510k
ICPT 3 1/4 7/1/23 (45845PAA6) 57,791,000 $51,380k
MYOKARDIA INC (62857M105) 997,000 $49,990k
Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (803607100) 309,025 $46,956k
DIPLOMAT PHARMACY INC (25456K101) 7,036,670 $42,853k
Argenx SE Sponsored ADR (04016X101) 281,000 $39,784k
VERICEL CORP (92346J108) 2,069,601 $39,095k
MALLINCKRODT PLC (G5785G107) 4,178,219 $38,356k
COHERUS BIOSCIENCES INC (19249H103) 1,678,022 $37,084k
BLUEPRINT MEDICINES CORP (09627Y109) 391,254 $36,907k
Fate Therapeutics Inc (31189P102) 1,702,897 $34,569k
ALECTOR INC (014442107) 1,746,923 $33,192k
SELECT MED HLDGS CORP (81619Q105) 2,043,527 $32,431k
DEXCOM INC (252131AF4) 20,000,000 $31,926k
KEMPHARM INC (488445AB3) 65,423,000 $31,632k
Anaptysbio Inc (032724106) 540,529 $30,497k
Editas Medicine Inc (28106W103) 1,158,841 $28,670k
SIENTRA INC (82621J105) 4,652,306 $28,658k
NATERA INC (632307104) 1,002,834 $27,658k
PTC THERAPEUTICS INC (69366JAB7) 24,877,000 $27,557k
MIRATI THERAPEUTICS INC (60468T105) 264,600 $27,254k
XERIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC (98422L107) 2,379,901 $27,226k
KALVISTA PHARMACEUTICALS (483497103) 1,217,668 $26,971k
EHEALTH INC COM (28238P109) 310,900 $26,768k
DBV TECHNOLOGIES SA-SPON ADR (23306J101) 3,201,222 $26,314k
DFB HEALTHCARE ACQUISTION CORP UNIT EXP 013023 (23291E208) 2,500,000 $25,925k
EXACT SCIENCES CORP (30063PAA3) 15,000,000 $25,846k
STAAR SURGICAL CO COM NEW PAR $0.01 (852312305) 876,512 $25,752k
NEVRO CORP COM (64157F103) 386,000 $25,024k
SILK ROAD MEDICAL INC COM (82710M100) 499,030 $24,183k
BIOCRYST PHARMACEUTICALS (09058v103) 6,292,980 $23,850k
Invitae Corp (46185L103) 995,312 $23,390k
MOLINA HEALTHCARE INC (60855R100) 150,000 $21,471k
PTC THERAPEUTICS INC (69366J200) 471,000 $21,195k
ARVINAS INC (04335A105) 921,234 $20,258k
WRIGHT MED GROUP N V (98236JAB4) 13,625,000 $20,185k
ADDUS HOMECARE CORP (006739106) 252,915 $18,956k
AUDENTES THERAPEUTICS INC COM (05070R104) 493,901 $18,699k
Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc. (75615P103) 197,000 $18,587k
SHOCKWAVE MED INC COM (82489T104) 312,146 $17,820k
HUMANA INC (444859102) 67,000 $17,775k
KINISKA PHARMACEUTIC (G5269C101) 1,310,259 $17,741k
AXOGEN INC COM (05463X106) 891,306 $17,648k
WAVE LIFE SCIENCES LTD (Y95308105) 669,260 $17,461k
ROCKET PHARMACEUTICALS INC (77313F106) 1,137,142 $17,057k
CLOVIS ONCOLOGY INC (189464AB6) 18,000,000 $15,902k
CENTENE CORP DEL (15135B101) 303,000 $15,889k
ANTHEM INC (036752103) 53,000 $14,957k
MorphoSys AG (617760202) 600,000 $14,484k
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (76243J105) 623,933 $13,727k
DECIPHERA PHARMACEUTICALS IN (24344T101) 607,633 $13,702k
GALAPAGOS NV (36315X101) 101,010 $13,023k
GLOBAL BLOOD THERAPEUTICS IN (37890U108) 235,000 $12,361k
ATHENEX INC (04685N103) 621,859 $12,313k
Syros Pharmaceuticals Inc (87184Q107) 1,268,946 $11,750k
TURNING POINT THERAPEUTICS I (90041T108) 287,545 $11,703k
PHASEBIO PHARMACEUTICALS INC (717224109) 851,005 $11,165k
SYNLOGIC INC (87166L100) 1,107,643 $10,080k
TANDEM DIABETES CARE (875372203) 152,500 $9,839k
ARDELYX INC (039697107) 3,461,298 $9,311k
INSPIRE MED SYS INC COM (457730109) 151,106 $9,165k
CHEWY INC CL A (16679L109) 261,337 $9,147k
ACLARIS THERAPEUTICS INC (00461U105) 3,983,025 $8,723k
X4 PHARMACEUTICALS INC (98420X103) 565,000 $8,475k
AVADEL PHARMACEUTICALS PLC (05337M104) 2,722,241 $7,867k
BRIDGEBIO PHARMA INC (10806X102) 290,000 $7,821k
SORRENTO THERAPEUTICS INC (83587F202) 2,091,461 $5,584k
B. Riley Wealth Management, Inc. (016259103) 6,052,935 $5,387k
TELIGENT INC/NJ (87960WAA2) 9,567,000 $5,063k
IDEAYA BIOSCIENCES INC (45166A102) 425,000 $4,233k
BIODELIVERY SCI INTL (09060J106) 816,096 $3,795k
HARPOON THERAPEUTICS INC (41358P106) 285,000 $3,705k
MEDICINES CO (584688105) 100,000 $3,647k Put
ITAMAR MED LTD (465437101) 314,136 $3,455k
AEGLEA BIOTHERAPEUTICS INC (00773J103) 500,046 $3,425k
ADAPTIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES COR (00650F109) 70,000 $3,381k
PFENEX INC (717071104) 394,255 $2,657k
CONSTELLATION PHARMCETICLS I (210373106) 183,600 $2,255k
NEURONETICS (64131A105) 159,000 $1,989k
Alpine Immune Sciences Inc (02083G100) 415,908 $1,751k
EYENOVIA INC (30234E104) 300,000 $1,290k
ORTHOPEDIATRICS CORP (68752L100) 32,000 $1,248k
MENLO THERAPEUTICS (586858102) 198,451 $1,189k
PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC (74371L109) 1,224,899 $510k
NEOS THERAPEUTICS INC (64052L106) 320,993 $414k

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